Wheeling Challenge APK

Wheeling Challenge APK

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Rating: 4.0+ Downloads: 250+ Size: 46 MB Updated: April 04, 2024.

Wheeling Challenge APK is a 2D motorcycle game where you control over 30 different vehicles, including all types of motorcycles, ATVs, and bicycles. The best part is that each is unlocked from the start.

You don’t have to play with the same bike for hours to unlock new bikes. You can ride your favorite bike from scratch and modify it as you like, change the color of each part, add and remove parts, etc.

Wheelie Challenge Edition’s options are not limited to motorcycles. You can also customize the cyclist according to your choice: male or female, helmet or no helmet, sunglasses and cap, skin color, clothes color, etc. The possibilities are endless.

This is an amazing 2D driving game, with a control system fully optimized for touch devices. On the left side of the screen are the buttons to accelerate and turn the wheels, while on the right you’ll find the brake, and jump buttons (only available for some cars) and buttons for stunts.

Simply put, Wheeling Challenge APK is the best title of its genre for many reasons. It offers more bikes and more customization than anyone else, has simple but attractive visuals, and the ability to drive the car of your choice around one of 10 long tracks is a lot of fun.

Wheeling Challenge APK

About Wheeling Challenge APK

Wheeling Challenge APK is a racing game where you can ride different types of normal and sports bikes. It has a long list of superbikes that you can choose and ride on different tracks and perform stunts to win amazing rewards.

Additionally, you can unlock more tracks and bikes by earning more points. No need to worry about excessive traffic that sometimes creates obstacles and does not allow you to perform stunts.

This is not just any motorcycle racing game, but it allows you to show your performance with complete freedom. Plus, there are dozens of tricks you can do while running.

If you complete tasks and challenges in less time, you will get points. By earning more and more points, you will be able to unlock more superbikes.

Also, you will earn in-game cash that you can use to upgrade your bike. However, you can also have features at Drag Liar Races and Wreckfests.

This game is famous for its wheelie challenges where you can do wheelies. As long as you keep doing wheelies, you get points. There are various tricks you can do while doing a wheelie, such as standing up on the bike, lying down on the bike, and jumping into the back seat of your car.

Wheeling Challenge APK

Wheeling Challenge APK Features

The controls of this game are easy to use and the gameplay is both engaging and exciting. Tap-to-go and directional buttons make it easy to use:

More than one location:

You will play in different locations, such as busy city streets and snowy slopes. Each of them will be different and assign you a different task.

Many levels:

This game has many levels that will make you think a lot. In each level of this game, you have to be quick with your moves to win.

Hazardous work:

This game is great for those who love to take risks and do the impossible. The game’s unique challenges will test your cycling skills.

Carry a passenger:

Sometimes you need a cyclist. Your driving style will change and it will make the game more difficult. Change the balance and speed of your bike, making you think in a new way.

Try making the wheelie longer:

The longer you keep the front wheel on the ground, the more points you get. The best players of the game can do crazy wheel moves that last for miles. are you ready

Various Bicycles and Motorcycles:

The game allows you to choose between different motorcycles and motorbikes. Players can upgrade the stats of each car to make it stronger. This way, you can continue playing even if you already know how to use the tool.

Graphics that are both beautiful and simple:

The illustrations in this game are simple and beautiful. You can focus on the game without being distracted by fancy graphics or effects because the screen is easy to see.

Wheeling Challenge APK

Wheeling Challenge is fun:

There are many fun bike racing games available on the Google Play Store if you want to play. It only takes one search to find a wide range of options and you can choose from all of them.

These games include both AI players and real players. If you prefer something less serious and quirky, try the Wheelie Challenge! Catch as many wheelies as possible in this game.

In this game, you will enjoy doing wheelies until you reach the finish line. Your only goal is to place the wheelie on as many different tracks as possible. Different positions you can try include Superman, one arm, and many others.

Play this fun game to test your balance and driving skills. The controls allow you to brake, lift the motorcycle, and perform many stunts. Feel free to customize riders and bikes now!

Wheeling Challenge APK


Wheeling Challenge APK is an exciting yet worth-trying mobile game for Android devices. Players need to maintain balance on their motorcycle or bicycle on difficult roads while avoiding obstacles.

The game includes several stages of increasing complexity, and players are better off upgrading features and buying new add-ons. This allows for consistent competition and success in every competition.

To increase your participation, I recommend getting the modified Wheeling Challenge APK for Android. This mod gives full access to all parts of the game, without any restrictions or ads.

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App Details

Android Version- Android 5.1+

File Size- 46 MB

Latest Version- [v1.69]

Package Name- com.tomico.wheeliechallenge

Price – Free

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