Virtual Master Mod APK

Virtual Master Mod APK

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Rating: 4.0+ Downloads: 250+ Size: 550 MB Updated: April 30, 2024.

Virtual Master Mod APK is an advanced Android cloning application that allows users to create multiple Android virtual systems on one device. The application is based on the very popular “Double Space” and repeats functionality to provide ultimate convenience and flexibility to users.

With the Virtual Master Mod App, you can create a virtual Android environment with a few clicks, allowing users to access multiple social media accounts, games, and various other applications.

This app is a great solution for users who have multiple accounts but need to switch between them directly or have multiple devices.

Virtual Master Mod APK

Virtual Master Mod APK Overview:

Virtual Master Mod APK runs another Android system on your device based on our Android-to-Android virtualization technology.

The new Android system is a parallel space or virtual phone that is equivalent to a phone in the cloud, but it works locally.

In the new Android system, you can install your apps, customize your launcher, customize your wallpaper and customize as per your needs.

Virtual Master Mod APK

Virtual Master Mod APK Features

Many topics can be discussed here but some of the most important ones will be discussed here.

It is easy to use

Virtual Master Mod APK is so easy to use that a school kid can use it to create app clones. In other words, developing your cloning application for free is not rocket science.


Downloading Virtual Master Mod apps on Android is easy compared to other apps that offer similar features. Virtual Master Mod App is designed for a mass audience, not tech enthusiasts. This means you can clone all your applications with one click.

The virtual GPU itself

Virtual Master Mod space applications or app clone apps use the same GPU as the primary system. This reduces current GPU usage, which results in GPU lag and latency. Virtual Android uses a virtual GPU from Android memory. Makes your phone faster.

Multiple copies of an app

Other apps like Dual Space and Parallel Space have only one option to clone your app, meaning you can only clone one app at a time. Instead, you can clone as many apps as you like using Virtual Android.

Secure Data Policy

Virtual Master Mod complies with the European Data Protection Directive; This means that all data is stored on the phone and no information is transferred to the Android virtual server.


Unlike other apps based on pre-built frameworks, Virtual Master Mod App is built from scratch, giving you great consistency across devices.

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App Details

Android Version-Android 5.1+

File Size- 550 MB

Latest Version- [v3.1.87]

Package Name- com.virtual-master

Price –Free-

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