Virtual Bandec APK

Virtual Bandec APK

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Virtual Bandec APK is a useful and innovative application for Android users. This app is the solution to all your online banking problems as it provides various services to make online banking easier for users.

Users can check their phone balance, send SMS, pay bills, and more. Users can now seamlessly manage their accounts and finances. Virtual Bandec has three modules and each module has a specific purpose.

In the age of technology, people use and enjoy online services. Along with other services, online banking has gained great popularity and acceptance. However, providing a secure platform for these services is the need of the hour.

Online banking apps like Virtual Bandec Mod APK play an important role in making financial transactions more convenient and efficient for customers by providing this service.

With the rise of smartphones and internet access, online banking applications allow users to manage their money from their homes or anywhere. Users can easily pay bills, apply for bank loans, check account balances, avail promotional offers, and more.

Virtual Bandec APK

About Virtual Bandec APK

Virtual Bandec APK allows its customers to create a virtual relationship with the bank without being physically present.

Thanks to the Internet connection between the bank and the customer, you can manage all your accounts and request new services from the comfort of your workplace or business.

Virtual Bandec application has three modules and each module provides special services to the user. The general module enables users to check their mobile phone balance, SMS plans, voice, and friends.

You can also inform them about promotional offers available, such as price discounts, equipment sales, or other services. The banking module allows Telebanka cardholder customers to easily pay their telephone, electricity, and water bills.

Users can add ONAT tax payments, balance transfers, mobile top-ups, and other personal accounts and swipe cards. Agent Telecom module is specially designed for Telecom Agents, it allows them to manage services directly to customers through USSD codes or apps.

In short, Virtual Bandec Download APK is a complete solution for all your online payment needs. Easy to use and available for Android devices. you can manage your phone balance, pay bills, transfer money, and more from one app.

Virtual Bandec APK

Features of Virtual Bandec APK

24/7 access.

Virtual Bandec APK allows you to access your account information and make transactions 24/7. Users can check account balances, pay bills, transfer money, and more without visiting a bank branch. It saves time and effort, making it a very convenient option for busy people.

Secure transactions.

Virtual Bandec premium APK provides more security for transactions. Uses encryption and advanced security measures to protect user information and transactions and reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft.

Pay receipts.

Customers can easily pay their phone, electricity, and water bills through this app.

Balance transfer and top-up.

Through the Virtual Bandec app, users can transfer balances and top up their phones, as well as add other personal accounts and cards.

ATM Management.

Virtual Bandec is available for BANMET and BANDEC to manage APK changes and/or check ATM operating limits, pay loans only to Bandec, and verify all accounts simultaneously.

Promotional offers.

Users can receive notifications about available promotional offers, be it price reductions, equipment sales, or other services.


Virtual Bandec premium APK for Android uses encryption and advanced security measures to protect user information and transactions.

Notices and Warnings.

Users can set up notifications and alerts to monitor their account activity, helping to detect and prevent suspicious activity.

Virtual Bandec APK


Virtual is a comprehensive and easy-to-use application that provides customers with various features and services to make financial transactions more convenient and efficient. Online banking apps like Virtual Bandec Download APK have undoubtedly changed the way consumers manage their money.

App Details

Android Version- Android 5.1+

File Size- 53.6 MB

Latest Version- v2.3

Package Name- com.virtual.bandec

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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