Undawn APK

Undawn APK

By: Level Infinite


Rating: 4.0+ Downloads: 250+ Size: 603 MB Updated: April 06, 2024.

Undawn APK is a new shooter RPG from Tencent, Lightspeed, and Quantum Studios. With amazing graphics, this title promises to immerse you in an open world ravaged by zombies and other extreme creatures.

You must work together with your teammates to shoot and destroy all the enemies in different locations while trying to survive in this hostile environment.

One of the key features of Undawn APK is that the game is designed to run on Android or PC. Similar to the launch of the eastern giant PUBG, this means that players can battle this dark world simultaneously on both platforms.

Undawn APK

About Undawn APK

In Undawn APK, you have to respond to a distress signal coming from inside the crow’s shelter. Its people are in danger and many groups are trying to spread chaos in the city.

Roman, Tom, Ken, Yevgeny, and other main characters will try to use their weapons to destroy every enemy that tries to destroy you. The game has an intuitive control system that is fully optimized for mobile devices.

Undawn APK has stunning visuals and audiovisuals that will immerse you in an exciting game. As you explore this vast open world, you must use your weapons in intense cooperative mode to complete missions and defeat evil.

By testing each character’s abilities you can discover surprises and unlock new elements that will help you in your battles.

But don’t forget that, in the meantime, you will also have to work on increasing the security of your shelter to protect yourself from the violent hordes of zombies that appear on the map.

Undawn APK

Undawn APK Features

Be prepared for a real test of survival.

In retrospect, you must become a formidable survivor, protecting your shelter, your allies, and what’s left of humanity against impossible odds.

The game’s realistic and persistent open world, designed using Unreal Engine 4, allows players to manage important indicators such as hunger, body type, strength, health, hydration, and changes such as rain, heat, snow, and storms. And the mood too. Your character must adapt to environmental changes in real time to survive.

Explore a huge open world

Venture across Undawn’s diverse and vast map filled with unique terrains such as plains, mines, deserts, swamps, and abandoned cities, as well as unique ecosystems rich in plants, animals, and time patterns. Players can explore interactive environmental features, strong castles, and exclusive game modes through dynamic weekly events and side quests.

Increase your chances of survival by exploring the vast terrain, mastering tool making, improving your weapon skills, building shelters, and working with other survivors. Be careful as the ubiquitous infection is a constant threat to your survival.

Restore civilization from ruins.

Use the intelligence humanity has gathered to create a new home and a new civilization. Build your home base on a sprawling 1-acre estate, alone or with friends.

Undawn APK’s advanced building system ensures that you can choose from over 1,000 types of furniture and structures to build, expand, and enhance your residence. Team up with other outposts to contain the infected more effectively and work together to protect your new home.

Unite for team survival

Join the legendary Raven Squad, a group torn between death and prophecy, to increase your chances of survival. As the world is divided into factions after a disaster, clowns, eagles, night owls and rivers fight their rivals for territory and endure the night in search of the next morning.

Prepare for the apocalypse

Equip yourself and your base with a wide range of weapons and armor to fend off enemies and save humanity. Tactical equipment, including melee weapons, drones, simulated bombs, and automatic turrets, level the playing field, while more than 50 vehicles quickly deliver supplies and conquer territory.

Choose your lifestyle

Undawn APK allows you to customize your survival experience according to your preferences with different game modes and activities.

Compete in Grand Prix races, pilot a futuristic war machine, or even try your hand at composing and playing music in band mode; The choice is yours. Embrace the apocalypse and enter the unforgettable world of the past.

Undawn APK

How to Play, Gameplay of Undawn APK Mobile for Android?

Undawn APK is an open-world action game whose gameplay is similar to other action role-playing games. Players will immerse themselves as character in a post-apocalyptic world, completing quests, and puzzles and fighting enemies to experience the story and explore the vast game world.

Here are some details about the gameplay and gameplay of Undawn APK:

  • Characters: Players will create and customize their characters with unique abilities and equipment.
  • Open World: The game has a huge world for the player to explore and explore. Different places in this world have their unique characteristics and missions.
  • Quests: Players will complete quests to advance the main story, solve puzzles, and gain experience and rewards.
  • Combat: The game features a complex and varied combat system with various weapons and combat skills. Players can use guns, knives, bows, and other weapons to fight against enemies and monsters in the game world.
  • Base Building: Players can build their base, and customize and upgrade buildings to help develop their character.
  • Teammates: Players can form and join teams to cooperate with other players in missions and battles.

In short, Undawn APK has the same gameplay as an action RPG, with characters, an open world, exploration, combat, base building, and multiplayer features.

App Details

Android Version- Android 5.1+

File Size-  603 MB

Latest Version- v1.4.10

Package Name- com.undawn

Price – Free


Undawn APK is a free-action role-playing game developed by Level Infinite. The game has high-quality graphics, a detailed world, and a complex combat system, as well as a multiplayer feature that allows players to work together in missions and battles and work together in groups.

Written by Andaman Nicobar

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