Twitter X APK

Twitter X APK

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Twitter X APK is the official application of the social network Twitter. With this, you can access all the content on this platform directly from your smartphone or tablet and publish the content on your profile. Twitter X App has gained popularity due to its content character limit. Hence, all tweets are short and allow you to be instantly updated with news and popular content.

Twitter’s name change to X brought several changes to the social media platform acquired by Elon Musk. The iconic white bird on a blue background was replaced with a white X, completely defining the visual identity of the device.

With these changes, Musk decided to take a risky path to transform the most popular microblogging network into a platform that is capable of facing big challenges.

In X, formerly known as Twitter, you will find a beautiful interface that supports dark colors and maintains the same essence as the original. However, in all references to the brand, the usual shade of blue has been replaced by a visual design with Company X Corporation.

After logging in or creating your account, you will find a home section with tweets posted by other users. You can choose to see tweets from people you follow or allow Twitter’s algorithms to show you relevant tweets. Below that, you’ll find popular posts and posts related to your interests, along with posts from people you follow.

The App always shows a blue button in the bottom right corner. This button lets you create new tweets with text, images, videos, GIFs, and more. You can also create threads of tweets so that other users can easily scroll from one tweet to another.

Twitter X APK

What is Twitter X APK?

Twitter X APK is a small application for the Android platform. Publish your posts in blog format, the ability to comment on the posts of other participants, and receive timely notifications that will inform you about the most important events and news in the world these bloggers will not be able to remember which users are registered. are

You can express your thoughts and feelings only through “dry” text – familiar images and emotions help convey information to readers, and recently it became possible to upload video content to the Twitter X application website. is

Are you interested in a cultural event like the Oscars or do you want to experience the atmosphere of a particular region? Subscribe to blogs on any topic and be the first to receive the latest news!

Twitter’s renaming to X is the start of a series of changes for the Elon Musk-acquired social media platform. The iconic white bird on a blue background has been replaced with a white X, completely defining the device’s visual identity. With these changes, Musk decided to take a risky route to transform the most popular microblogging network into a platform capable of facing more challenges.

You will get a beautiful interface that supports dark colors and retains the essence of the original. After logging in or creating your account, you will find a home section with tweets posted by other users.

You can choose to only show tweets from people you follow or have Twitter’s algorithm show you relevant tweets. Below you’ll find popular posts related to your interests, as well as posts from people you follow.

Features of Twitter X APK

  • Publish content for the world to see and participate in public debate
  • Stay up to date with the latest news
  • Go live with Spaces for live audio or video streaming
  • Communicate privately with direct messages
  • Subscribe to Blue to expand your reach, get a Blue Visa, and more
  • Make a living creating unique content for your paying customers and share the ad revenue earned from responses to your posts.
  •  Create and join communities on topics and interests from sports to music and technology
  • Upload and watch up to 3 hours of videos
  • Write and read long posts
  • Connect directly with your customers to grow your business

Twitter X APK

Highlights of Twitter X APK

With Follow Your Idols: Twitter X APK you can follow all your favorite actors and stars. There are no restrictions for this application. With this App, you can follow everyone and read other people’s tweets.

  • Share your thoughts: You can share your thoughts with your audience. You can tweet whatever you want and also get your audience’s reaction to your tweet. For example, your audience can like, comment, and share your tweets.
  • Small Apartment: You will never see long paragraphs and articles on Twitter because the word limit of tweets is only 280 and you cannot exceed that limit. So the information provided in this app is always small.
  • Follow Trends: features trending topics from around the world. This way you can travel around the world and get all the news you need.
  • Twitter Hashtags: One of the most popular features of Twitter is Twitter Hashtags. You can use these hashtags to know what is happening in the world. If you don’t know the stories behind these hashtags, you can click on the hashtag and access the news.

Join the conversation!

Expand your social network and update modern networks. Retweet, ring a thread, go viral, or scroll through the X-Time line to find out what’s happening, which has social media news or views from around the world.

X is your favorite social media app and new media source for environments around the world.

Contact Sonic! X Space is also a new form of live audio chat that harnesses the power of the human voice. Connect authentically with fans and followers, join, listen, and speak in live audio conversations from asking your favorite creators, influencers, and executives to speak.

Search for the most popular in the media or the most you can think of for yourself. Whether your friends are news for your contacts, news updates, or top podcasts to understand football, you can follow influencers or your friends and talk to them. His voice has influenced the world.

Business Topics Be media-ready like a newbie. Search hashtags and business topics to stay updated. Centrally interesting former users as well as your favorite celebrity and crime podcasts

Share your story. Connect with links, photos, and videos from your social network DM your friends or reply in a thread. Whether you communicate in person or go viral, your voice resonates.

With feti sile X you can find chefs or create groups of people that interest you. In addition to interacting with friends, influencers can create personal connections with your friends. – You’ll be surprised how many people respond.

Twitter X APK

Create your profile:

  • Customize your profile, add a photo, description, location, and background photo
  • Publish visual content.
  • Use hashtags in your tweets.
  • Attract followers outside of X.

Follow what’s hot

Find the most popular hashtags and breaking headlines. Follow media threads, tweets, and live videos to stay on top of what’s happening. Whether you’re interested in sports highlights, pop culture memes, or politics, X is your source of information.

Join the community

Only follow people you know; Use social media to expand your social network. Make like-minded friends or discover interests you never knew you had. Find information about topics that are important to you, whether your core or special interests. You can share content or be a fly on the wall; Either way, you’ll get something new every time you open the app.

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App Details

Android Version- Android 5.1+

File Size-100 MB

Latest Version- v10.1.0

Package Name-

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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