Tiny Glade APK

Tiny Glade APK

By: Pounce Light


Rating: 4.1+ Downloads: 510+ Size: 20 MB Updated: November 25, 2023,

Tiny Glade APK is a fun game that combines role-playing and action in an engaging story where you take on the role of a gladiator that serves as the starting point for an adventure across three different worlds filled with epic battles. End here.

Your Tiny Glade APK has just defeated a bigger opponent and will never be the same again. Your goal is to become the best fighter in the world so that you can take revenge one day.

Customize your character and travel the world with your wooden staff. As you defeat your opponents, you earn gold to upgrade your weapons and character, allowing you to earn better rewards and progress faster.

Tiny Glade Apk

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Tiny Glade APK Overview

Tiny Glade APK is a simulation and building game developed by Pounce Lite. The gameplay offered by the developer is very simple, making it ideal as a relaxing tool Because according to the official website, it.

The gameplay is not far from the title of the game, so it can be explained quickly if you know the meaning. Glade is an English noun meaning a place or small field in the middle of a forest. We believe this is enough to describe the whole game.

Small means small, and when associated with a small glade it means an empty field in the middle of a forest. From here we will know that the concept of the game will not be far from it.

We have already said that it will be suitable to play when you want to relax or take a break.

Because everything is made the same way, like the graphics and maybe even the sound of the game. They will not implement a concept that is too confusing for those who want to operate it.

Again, information about this game is still in development, so it is not currently available to play anywhere. You may remember this part.

Tiny Glade Apk

How to play Tiny Glade APK

The gameplay is very simple. When you first enter the game, you will be told which buttons have specific functions. Use this command when you want to perform the desired action. As for the controls, we don’t think you need to remember much as the game is very simple.

Then, as mentioned above, in addition to the simulation concept, they adopted the architectural style or development when interpreting in Indonesian. Because the main focus of this game is to build a fort or mini fort using bricks as the base of the building.

Best tips for Tiny Glade APK

Real-time production chemistry works with a grid-free production system. Can you drill a hole in the wall? Got a bow! Will the bow open? Columns are aligned. Shrink the wall? Gates and fences can be made from arches. Carefully place every wood, stone, and brick as the game adapts to your wishes.

  • Each action has an animated undo and redo option There are no wrong answers, whatever you do will be interesting from the start.
  • A level playing field in life. Your buildings are covered with ivy, sheep graze your streets, and sparks light up the night.
  • Every time of the day is a different mood.
  • Catchy sounds and catchy tunes. You should be completely relaxed.

App Details

Android Version-Android 5.1+

File Size- 20 MB

Latest Version- v1.1

Package Name-

Rating – 5.1+

Price – Free

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