The Front Game APK

The Front Game APK

By: Samar Studio


Rating: 4.0+ Downloads: 510+ Size: 1.65 GB Updated: November 03, 2023,

The front-loading game places players in a unique sandbox world where mutants and aggressive factions rule. The main part of the game is the fight between brutal imperial soldiers, exiles, criminals, and rebels.

The task of the players is to build a camp, craft weapons, and fight against terrifying enemies. To survive in this harsh world, you need to use resource management,

The Front Game Apk

The Front Game Apk Overview:

The Front Game app for Android players will find themselves in a vast and varied gaming world. You have a lot of freedom, so you can fight fierce battles, build bases, craft weapons, and fight against both terrifying enemies and a wild world. In this game, you can be as creative as you want and the player decides everyone’s fate.

In another world, a brutal force has taken over and is now adopting a global “civilian” policy. The state seeks to change people forever through the use of advanced technology, surveillance tools, and a strong will to kill. People will almost certainly be homeless, meaning they will no longer have freedom, faith, or even life.

Those still living in the resistance movement want to go back in time and use time-travel technology to change the course of history.

Features of The Front Game Apk

Building a sandbox foundation

You can use hundreds of different building blocks to stock up on supplies and protect yourself from the harsh world. You are only limited by your imagination.

Collaborate with friends

Explore ruins and enemy territories with your friends, creating intricate battle plans as you go.

Technology and Walking

You can change the way you fight and progress by improving technology and piloting tanks and ships.

Dealing with the weather

Weather and atmosphere can change, which can affect your plans.

Like falling into tower defense

Learn how to get rid of monsters in the trap furnace. This trap is for killing explosive giants, invisible assassins, flying soldiers, and other super-powerful attackers.

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App Details

Android Version- Android 5.1+

File Size- 1.65 GB

Latest Version- v1.2.1

Package Name- 

Rating – 5.1+

Price – Free

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