Re Lens APK

Re Lens APK

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Re Lens APK gives you DSLR-quality background blur as well as a wide aperture effect. Ray Lens allows you to edit your smartphone photos without limits using advanced computational photography and artificial intelligence algorithms, be it refocusing, resizing the aperture, or adjusting the depth of field.

Combining the true optical lens effect of many classic DSLR lenses, Raylen gives you the feeling of holding a professional Canon SLR or the latest iPhone in portrait mode during mobile photography. Incredible, isn’t it? Computer Photography Jobs!

Re Lens APK

Overview of Re Lens APK

This is not a photo editor; It’s meant to show things like lens flare, distortion, and lighting effects in existing photos. Photos that are inevitably beautiful, adding effects add points to the image to create a good-looking photo, effects correction application is not missing. And Lens Distortion® is incredibly useful too, so use the app to experience it with your fans.

Re Lens APK

Features of Re Lens APK

  • The smartphone camera supports a large aperture of f1.4, shallow depth of field, auto blur, and true lens effect.
  • Some classic SLR camera lenses with various optical effects include a 50mm f1.4 fixed focus lens, mirror lens (reflex lens), anamorphic lens, and lens with a rotating effect.
  • Captured images are enhanced with an AI-generated lens effect. Focus after shooting. It’s easy if you focus.
  • Professional lens optical effects include eclipse, soft focus, flare, blur rotation, radiance, flare, and distortion.
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  • Realistic simulation of shutter blade shapes like pentagrams, hexagons, circles, water drops, petals, rhombi, hearts, etc.
  • Focus areas can be defined more precisely by manually changing the depth of field.
    Visualize the depth of field of your portrait orientation photos with a professional 3D view and depth map.

Written by Andaman Nicobar

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