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OTXO Mobile APK has emerged as a revolutionary game in the field of mobile gaming, combining the excitement of a top-down shooter with the intrigue of a noir narrative.

This Android-friendly game immerses players in dynamic environments and roguelike structures, ensuring a new experience with each playthrough.

The unique combination of action and story-rich content appeals to players who enjoy both strategic gameplay and immersive narrative.

OTXO Mobile APK is known for its colorful graphics and psychological depth, which makes it more than just a game: it takes you to a mysterious and ever-changing castle full of dangers and discoveries.


About OTXO Mobile APK

OTXO Mobile APK improves the entire gaming experience. These updates focus on improving the game mechanics, adding more castle room combinations, and tweaking the enemy AI to offer more challenging encounters.

Additionally, new features such as improved weapon and skill options give players more strategies to explore. This free version retains the core elements that make OTXO Mobile APK attractive while evolving to accommodate player feedback and technological advancements.


Features of OTXO Mobile APK

  • Dynamic Gameplay: OTXO Mobile APK is known for its fast and reactive shooting action, which provides an engaging experience in every encounter.
  • Roguelike Elements: With its roguelike base, the game offers endless replayability. Each game session is unique and presents new challenges and environments.
  • Extensive customization options: The game allows players to unlock and choose from a wide range of over 100 skills and weapons, which suit different play styles.
  • Film Noir-Inspired Aesthetics and Soundtrack: Its monochromatic visual style, inspired by classic film noir themes, and a gritty soundtrack add significantly to the game’s atmosphere.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: OTXO Mobile offers flexibility by allowing players to switch game sessions between Android devices and PCs.
  • Combines narrative with psychological depth: Unlike many top-down shooters, OTXO Mobile integrates a compelling narrative, providing both a game to play and a story to experience.


Best tips when playing OTXO Mobile APK:

  • Learn and adapt to enemy behavior: Each type of enemy in OTXO Mobile has its unique attack patterns and behavior. Understanding this can greatly improve your strategy and chances of survival.
  • Optimize the use of slow-motion mechanics: This feature is essential for managing difficult situations and large groups of enemies. Use it wisely to gain an advantage at crucial moments.
  • Explore Different Skill Combinations: With over 100 skills to choose from, experimenting with different combinations can yield powerful synergies that suit your play style.
  • Adapt to changing environments: The layout of the mansion changes with each game. Being adaptable and willing to explore new paths is the key to unlocking secrets and progressing in the game.
  • Balance offensive and defensive tactics: Surviving Otxo’s challenging environment requires knowing when to act aggressively and when to take a more cautious approach.
  • Use the environment to your advantage: Objects in the environment can often be used strategically, to hide or set traps for enemies.
  • Keep Track of Ammo and Resources: Resource management is an important aspect of the game. Always keep track of your ammo count and resource collection.
  • Practice makes perfect: Like any roguelike game, OTXO Mobile APK can be challenging. Playing regularly and learning from each die can greatly improve your skills and understanding of game mechanics.


OTXO Mobile Download APK combines game genres to create one experience. The dark theme of the game does not set the story’s mood. This also advances the game. In Otxo, players explore a mansion where every room and hallway reveals part of the protagonist’s story. The protagonist’s quest to reunite with his love adds a twist that sets Otxo apart from traditional top-down shooters.

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App Details

Android Version- Android 5.1+

File Size- 122 MB

Latest Version- v1.3.2

Package Name- com.otxo-mobile

Price – Free

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