Moto Throttle Mod APK

Moto Throttle Mod APK

  App By: Anderson Horita


Rating: 4.2+  Downloads: 2200+ Size: 35.4 MB Updated : August 25, 2022

Moto Throttle Mod Apk is a simple game offered by Anderson Horita. With its help, you can explore the sounds that motorcycles with different engine power make. Moto Throttle Mod app has various motorcycles with interesting backgrounds. Controls are also simple, just step on the gas and release the brakes to stop.

The goal is to run at full speed for the longest time without stopping. The faster you drive, the more coins you earn. Moto Throttle Mod app offers many authentic motorbike sounds. There are bicycles with different displacements ranging from 150 ccs to 1000 cc. As the engine speeds up, you will notice that the exhaust heats up and burns.

If you love the sound of roaring engines, you will definitely enjoy this game. Different engine powers produce different kinds of roar, which is very pleasing to listen to. The game also includes different types of motorcycles. You can choose between sports bikes, cruiser bikes, and even electric bikes!

About Moto Throttle Mod Apk

Moto Throttle Mod Apk is a simple game about different car sounds. While you may not experience real speed/racing, the various engine roars are sure to satisfy your inner need for speed.

If you are a racing car and high-performance car lover, this is definitely your best choice. Don’t just hear, but directly feel the throttle to accurately assess the price, noise, and other information. Add them to the garage to buy when you’re happy

It’s a great way to see how each bike sounds in different situations. Moto Throttle Mod App for Android devices and totally free.

Features of Moto Throttle Mod Apk

  • Moto Throttle Mod Apk has many interesting features for you to discover such as:

A variety of motorcycles with different characteristics
Variety is the greatest advantage of this game. You never have to worry about choosing and finding the bike of your choice. Each car has unique capabilities such as power or displacement. So his voice is also very different

  • Unlimited Money

You will also find motorcycles with different sounds. Based on your preferences choose the right car. And yes, their prices are also different. You get cars that are both cheap and expensive but depend on your financial capacity.

  • Highly consistent graphics

Graphics are the highlight of the game as the game portrays the best images in the motorcycle industry. Images of cars are reproduced in the clearest and most accurate way of their actual appearance. High-quality construction makes the motorcycle look real.

  • Simple and casual gameplay

The gameplay of the Moto Throttle Mod Apk game is simple with common features. You don’t have to think about strategy or dramatic attacks like in action games. It is perfect for you to relax and entertain yourself after a long day of work.

  • Saving light and resources

Moto Throttle Mod Apk is very lightweight and does not require many resources from your device. You can easily download it even if your phone configuration is not high. Make sure the experience factor is simple and 4.4+ is selected.

  • Earn coins and unlock powerful bikes

When playing, you do not immediately experience powerful cars, but start with cars with weak engines. After some time, when you win a lot of coins, use this money to unlock your car and make it more powerful. You can also buy a new car with better sound and performance. Each bike has a unique design and color, allowing you to express your personality.

Above is the article about the unique and impressive Moto Throttle Mod Apk game. Hopefully, lingering over the article for a while has given the readers more useful knowledge.

App Details

Android Version- Android 5.1+

File Size- 35.4 MB

Latest Version- v0.18

Package Name- 

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

What’s New in Moto Throttle Mod Apk

  • The defect has been corrected.
  • User-friendly control panel.
  • increased speed.


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To start enjoying the game immediately, please download and run the Moto Throttle Mod App for Android installer file. Before ending this discussion, please note that this app is only for players of legal age. If you are not of the right age then play one of the many other simulation games out there. That concludes our discussion; We appreciate your cooperation.

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