Mon e-id APK

Mon e-id APK

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Mon e-id APK is an identifier that can be used to securely and easily access online services. Use the National Electronic Identity Document (CNIE v2) or the new generation Moroccan Residence Permit.

It can be displayed on a digital ID card or smartphone and verified through an online service. While reading the card, your card details like your last name, first name, date of birth, etc.

Digital identity facilitates access to online services. This allows you to use the same password for multiple online services, which is a big plus. Additionally, digital identity improves the security of your personal data.

Mon e-id APK


About Mon e-id APK

The “Mon e-id APK” Application allows you to use your National Electronic Identity Document (CNIE v2) or the new generation Moroccan Residence Permit to access its online services easily and securely.

A digital identity guarantees that you are the natural person you say you are on the Internet. Card information associated with you, such as your last name, first name, date, and place of birth, is verified when the card is read.

The presentation of this card is required whenever the member deems it necessary. Digital identity also offers a reduction in the number of different identifiers and passwords that must be remembered to access various online services.

Very simply and in a few steps, if you want, you can activate your digital identity with your mobile phone equipped with an NFC reader. If your mobile phone is not compatible with NFC, you can start the activation at the Citizen Portal and finish it at your nearest CEDI kiosk or with a phone equipped with NFC technology.

The security of your data is strengthened. Using the new electronic ID card allows partners to securely authenticate you remotely.

To strengthen the security of their identity, the person presenting the member card can request facial recognition to verify that it is indeed its owner.

Data read from the card is not stored centrally; After verification, they are transferred directly to the partner without storing. Every use of your digital identity (authentication, password change, etc.) is tracked and viewable from your Citizen Portal space.

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App Details

Android Version- Android 5.1+

File Size- 70.9 MB

Latest Version- [v2.0.3]


Price –Free

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