Hitung Mandiri APK

Hitung Mandiri APK

By: DPD PDI Perjuangan Jawa Tengah

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Hitung Mandiri APK is an Android application that helps to secure and monitor the vote-counting process during elections.

The Application seeks to increase electoral accountability and transparency in Indonesia by using tools to track vote counts from local polling stations (TPS) to the provincial level.

The main purpose of Hitung Mandiri APK is to increase the transparency of the voting process in Indonesia. This makes it possible for observers to detect rigging or fraud on election night.

Their strict supervision also acts as a check on officers to ensure that proper rules and procedures are being followed. Having immediate access at aggregated district, sub-district, and regional levels helps political parties verify that their performance aligns with internal forecasts and simulated results obtained from grassroots campaigns.

Public confidence in fair electoral competition, a key component of a democratic society, is facilitated by the transparency of the Hitung Mandiri APK regarding the vote-counting process. Elections guaranteed to be fair also reduce conflict and instability.

Hitung Mandiri APK

About Hitung Mandiri APK

The Central Java branch of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI Perjuangan) has created the Hitung Mandiri APK Android application.

It aims to track the tabulation of votes in Indonesian elections from local polling stations to provincial headquarters.  The Application improves the accountability and transparency of the voting process by providing comprehensive monitoring and tracking capabilities.

The Hitung Mandiri APK covers voter matching for six major electoral categories:

  • Election for President
  • Regional Representative Council (DPD)
  • People’s Representative Council (RPD RI)
  • Regional/City Law (DPRD)
  • Provincial Law (DPRD)
  • This in-depth coverage allows election officials and observers to track vote counts in each race during Indonesia’s election cycle.

Hitung Mandiri APK

Hitung Mandiri APK Features

Vote counting device

The main purpose of the application is to provide technology to accurately count votes from manually recorded counts at each polling station. For entering voting data and checking totals, the software has digital forms and tables.

Real-time monitoring

The results are simultaneously uploaded to the Hitung Mandiri APK servers while the votes are being counted. As a result, a centralized and continuously updated number was created that tracks progress in Indonesia in real-time.


When there are unusual statistical variations in the numbers that may indicate fraud or calculation problems, authorities are notified immediately. This allows you to quickly respond to any potential problems.

Control panel

A comprehensive in-app overview panel shows the ongoing progress of each election. Drilling down allows users to view results based on city, district, area, etc.

User access control

Advanced user rights allow you to restrict access to data as needed. National tracking is possible for read-only accounts as authorized personnel login and verify results.

The net

Hitung Mandiri APK significantly improves confidence in the vote-counting process by allowing all interested parties to view results in real time.

How to use the Hitung Mandiri APK?

Once polling is completed and pre-counting is done in the area, party agents and observers can submit the vote count directly from each TPS using the Hitung Mandiri APK.

This makes totals instantly transparent to the public and the government, making it more difficult to change data at the TPS, sub-district, regency, and provincial levels.

Additionally, the software has monitoring tools that track common deviations and send alert notifications. This helps identify potential problems early.

Hitung Mandiri APK

Tips for Customizing Hitung Mandiri APK

Here are some tips to get the most out of the app:

  • Carefully compare the count with the actual ballots to ensure that all data entered is accurate.
  • Limit entry access to specific authorized officials using permits.
  • Use notifications to respond quickly to anomalies.
  • Analyze results at different geographic levels to ensure consistency.
  • Periodically export reports as backups to protect data.


PDI provides an important tool for election transparency in Indonesia with the Hitung Mandiri APK. One of the most important processes in a democracy is responsible for end-to-end vote tracking and sophisticated security features. Hitung Mandiri App can increase confidence in Indonesia’s election results by modernizing the calculation with real-time valid data.

App Details

Android Version- Android 5.1+

File Size- 25.8 MB

Latest Version- v3.2.0

Package Name- id.bmri.livin

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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