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Haxball Apk is a real-time multiplayer game that plays a mix of soccer and air hockey, and it’s cool. When playing in 3v3 and 4v4 teams, player skills vary greatly and teamwork shines.

It has minimal visuals and puts teamwork above all else. In other words, this web-based multiplayer game is a mix of soccer and air hockey.

Take control of Blue Player and play against the AI or multiplayer in a classic soccer game. Move your player with the joystick and tap on the right side of the screen.

Haxball App is programmed using the Haxe programming language. Haxball uses WebRTC to create peer-to-peer connections between players and room hosts. This technology is still relatively new, and unfortunately, some browsers (notably Edge and Safari) still do not fully support it.

First released in December 2010, Hexball was originally implemented in Flash Player and RTMFP to create peer-to-peer connections similar to WebRTC. Unfortunately, Flash Player has been discontinued so had to switch to Haxball. However, the Flash version is still available.

It was created by Mario Carbajal (also known as Basso). Special thanks to my brother, Glyptic, Qualo, and Consul for their various help.

Haxball APK

About Haxball Apk

Haxball Apk is an exciting online soccer game where you have to compete with other players to try to score as many goals as possible. You can join the red team or the blue team – each team can have up to 20 players for an intense and chaotic multiplayer battle!

Work with your teammates to control the ball and try to score as many goals as possible. The game controls will take some getting used to, but once you’ve played a few times, you’ll have no problem controlling the ball and scoring!

You can join any of the games listed or you can create your own game and invite your friends to play as well. Can you become a legendary Haxball player and lead your team to victory? Hexball stands out as a soccer game that we can play on our Android tablets and smartphones.

We are looking for a fun football experience in this game, which is completely free. The main reason to download Hexball is that is so popular because it doesn’t have many competitors. When we browse the App market, we don’t see many football games. That is why handball games attract us more.

I can’t say we faced a very good atmosphere when we entered the game. Artificiality in player actions draws a lot of attention and detracts greatly from the gaming experience. If the animations were of a slightly better quality, this could be a favorite game for many.

The game control system can execute commands without any problem. Whatever command we give will appear on the screen without delay. We can count this as an advantage. The most remarkable thing about the game is that it allows us to play with our friends.

This way, we get a chance to create a pleasantly competitive environment with our friends. Overall, Hexball is a playable game despite its flaws. If you also like sports, I recommend you play handball.

Haxball APK

Features of Haxball Apk

  • We are working on the HAXBALL specification developed by DESL
  • Hexball Android Games is related to Arcade Games.
  • For now, here is the description of the hexball provided by the official DESL manufacturer

Haxball Apk

A combination of air hockey and soccer

Fans of soccer and air hockey will enjoy this online multiplayer game that combines both sports. Depending on the table, they can play two pairs, three or four by four.

Haxball Apk, the programming language that created it, is the name of the application. The game has only basic mechanics and 2D graphics. The gameplay is well polished, easy to pick up but hard to master, with great-looking graphics and layer upon layer of features.

Commands can be executed without any problem through the game control system. After placing our orders, there is no delay in displaying them on the screen. The positive side of it is that we can take advantage of it.

Best of all, we can play the game with our friends. Our friends will enjoy the opportunity to compete with us in this way. Although Hexball has its flaws, it is a game worth playing. Handball games are a good option if you like sports games.

Haxball APK

Community, presentation, and gameplay

Hexball Apk is scored in the same way as soccer goals: kick the ball into the opponent’s goal. Air hockey is a unique sport, but how does it work? Professionally presented.

As you play, you can watch the action as if you were playing air hockey. In this picture, the blue circles represent the players and the red circles represent the balls. It is possible to choose between different field layouts.

Players can only perform two Haxball actions: move and kick. Since the game mechanics are simple, teams can score through positioning and coordination, which shouldn’t be too difficult.

To master the game, participants in community tournaments and leagues are encouraged to practice for hours.

App Details

Android Version- Android 5.1+

File Size- 26.2 MB

Latest Version- v1.0

Package Name- com.dasist.lexball

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

Written by Andaman Nicobar

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