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Rating: 4.7+  Downloads: 250+ Size: 347.6 MB Updated: July 06, 2023.

Harekat 2 Apk – Choose your side in the conflict and fight on the battlefield with players from all over the world. Exciting missions and skirmishes await you, in which you can test your leadership and strategic skills.

Fight your opponents with different tools and weapons. Develop your skills in solo combat or gather a group of friends for cooperative missions. You can choose from different environments and experiences to create your own. Build a strong character, learn new skills, and interact with other players!

To improve your combat skills, explore real battlefield difficulties and tactics and complete combat missions with real military equipment and vehicles. Build a fleet with your friends and take part in ground battles in a huge open world.

Join the ultimate battle with accurate day/night cycles and weather conditions. Be present, shine, cloud, or rain. To start the war, you need to buy more than 13 vehicles, customize more than 9 weapons, and collect a lot of military equipment.

For players who love military simulations, the Harekat 2 App offers an immersive experience with its graphics, sound effects, and realistic game mechanics. For fans of military simulation, this is the perfect game.

What is Harekat 2 Apk?

A realistic military training game called “Harekat 2 Apk” was developed with the participation of the participants of “Harekat 2 App”.

Use realistic military equipment and vehicles to complete combat missions, improve your combat skills and explore combat challenges and strategies on real battlefields. You and your friends can form a party and engage in ground battles in a large open space.

You can engage in the ultimate battle while experiencing realistic day/night cycles and weather. Shine, cloud or rain, come to surgery. Before the war starts, you need to buy more than 13 vehicles, customize more than 9 weapons and get a lot of military equipment.

Due to its realistic graphics, sound effects, and gameplay, Harekat 2 Apk is a great game for war simulation fans. This is a great game for military simulation fans.

Features of Harekat 2 Apk

Visuals and Graphics: Harkat 2 APK has excellent graphics and animations that are pleasing to the eyes. Carefully designed characters, locations, and battle sequences ensure an intense gameplay experience.

Progression and Customization: Players can customize their army and characters with extensive customization options. Players can unlock and upgrade various skills, abilities, and equipment, allowing them to create a unique and powerful military force.

Social Interaction: The Harekat 2 Apk encourages social interaction between players through its engagement system. You can join or create guilds, members can work together and complete co-op quests and events with other guild members. The community aspect of this feature adds to the overall gaming experience.

Quests and Events: The game includes a variety of quests, challenges, and special events designed to give players access to various rewards and new opportunities. With different quests ranging from solo adventures to group quests, players will always find something to do as there are always new objectives to complete.


Harekat 2 Apk offers players a truly immersive, challenging, and addictive experience. At the beginning of the game, players are given a large map that they must strategically navigate to maximize their influence.

Not only can you recruit and train soldiers, but you can build different buildings and collect resources to strengthen your army. PvP (player vs. player) combat is also available, allowing players to engage in exciting battles with computer-controlled opponents.

A key feature of the Harekat 2 App is its battle system. The game combines strategic decisions with real-time action, allowing players to experience the thrill of commanding troops on the battlefield. To outwit and defeat their opponents, players use a variety of units, each with their strengths and abilities

App Details

Android Version- Android 5.1+

File Size- 347.6 MB

Latest Version-v0.3.0

Package Name- com.jerboa

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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