Furtive APK

Furtive APK

 App By: Furtive Dev

Rating: 4.5+  Downloads: 846+ Size: 13 MB Updated: May 25, 2024.

Furtive APK is an amazing application in the world of mobile applications designed to protect your chats. Precisely designed by developer Furtive Dev, this app positions itself as an essential tool for anyone looking for privacy on their Android device.

As the digital landscape evolves, the need for effective security tools becomes undeniable. Answer that call confidentially by providing an encrypted haven where users can chat freely, a must-have in your mobile arsenal.

Furtive APK

About Furtive APK

Furtive Mod APK ensures that every message, whether whispering secrets or announcing daily events, stays between the sender and recipient. By enabling end-to-end encryption, It provides vault-like security that protects conversations from external intrusions.

In addition to security, Furtive excels with its user-friendly interface, allowing users of all technological levels to navigate intuitively. The intuitive design ensures seamless systems management and interactions, increasing user engagement without the learning curve often associated with sophisticated applications.

Additionally, Its statistics feature helps users monitor their communication habits, thereby promoting a balanced digital life. With a large user base around the world, Furtive Download APK is the best choice for secure communications across a wide range of populations.

Furtive APK

How does Furtive APK work?

Download and Install: The Furtive APK process has been simplified to ensure that every Android user can easily add this essential app to their digital devices.

Sign up and set up: After installation, create an account to start personalizing your experience. This configuration step is important to personalize the application features according to your preferences and improve the security and usability of Furtiv.

Start a conversation: Once your account is activated, add contacts to start a private conversation. The Furtive app APK ensures that all messages are encrypted once they leave your device, ensuring that only the intended recipient can decrypt and read them. Seamlessly integrating advanced security measures with intuitive features makes Furti the ideal choice for privacy-conscious individuals.

Furtive APK

Features of Furtive APK

Furtive Download APK is packed with features that meet the needs of security-conscious users, ensuring complete security and a satisfying user experience:

End-to-end encryption: Every message sent with Furtive APK is encrypted on the sending device and remains encrypted until decrypted by the receiving device. This ensures that no middleman, not even the app developer, can access the content of your conversations.

Send photos and videos: Share media securely with the same level of encryption as text messages. Before sending, users can preview photos and videos, ensuring that only the content they want is shared and protecting the sanctity of private conversations.

Deleting Chats:  Furtive allows users to delete their chats at any time. This feature deletes conversations from sending and receiving devices and application servers, ensuring your privacy is protected at all times.

Notification controls: Customize how and when notifications appear. Furtive Premium APK offers the ability to display notifications alongside regular messages, thus hiding the identity of the sender and the nature of the notification’s content.

Furtive APK


Furtive Premium APK combines advanced security features with intuitive functionality, ensuring that every user can easily navigate and take advantage of its offerings. Be it privacy or business confidentiality, It has positioned itself as a digital security icon in an increasingly interconnected world.

App Details

Android Version- Android 5.1+

File Size- 13 MB

Latest Version- v2.0.9

Package Name- com.furtive

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

Written by Andaman Nicobar

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