Chordosis Game APK

Chordosis Game APK

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Rating: 4.1+ Downloads: 510+ Size: 612 MB Updated: November 25, 2023,

Chordosis Game Apk is a genius among the latest horror games and, amazingly, only one person was able to create this game of survival and aliens with so much quality.

The hyperrealistic graphics and mysterious atmosphere make you feel genuine fear. We’ll tell you more in our but that’s not all: we’ll show you how to download and play it for free, let’s go!

The first thing that surprised Chordosis Game was the quality with which the stages were designed, with textures and lighting giving the impression of looking at real pictures.

The action takes place in the small abandoned village of Dunahont in Hungary (this independent game’s creator is from there). The clues lead you there in search of your missing twin sister (named Sadie), but there’s no one in sight.

It all seems abandoned for years, but you soon discover disturbing things: strange lights in the woods, burning grass, and many other secrets.

Chordosis Game Apk


Chordosis Game Apk Overview

Chordosis Game Apk promises a journey filled with mystery and drama that takes you into a world of fantasy and horror. Be prepared to uncover their secrets and face tough challenges.

Chordosis Game App is an exciting mobile game that challenges players to test their musical and visual skills. This addictive game combines rhythm and puzzle elements to provide a fun and addictive experience for players of all ages.

Chordosis Game APK Gameplay

A survival horror game like Chordosis Game App is perfect for streamers who specialize in horror games like Scatterbrained Games. You can check out his fun Cordosis gameplay in the “Chordosis Game” YouTube video below:

The lordosis episode

Chordosis Game APK is the first chapter of the game and you can find it in the free demo. At the same time, Cordosis Founders Edition was released with a longer game, improved graphics, and exclusive additional content.

Cordosis Episode 2: Theft

The next Chordosis Game shows the events that will happen shortly. Still in development.

Best tips for Chordosis Game APK

  • HDR Audio features traditional next-generation impulse response reverbs. (with native support for binaural systems)
  • You’ll have your hands full with a unique inventory system.
  • It contains a variety of physics-based puzzles set in a physics-based world.
  • Designed with optimized next-generation graphics in mind.
  • Inspired by real events and the first season of The X-Files.
  • An immersive narrative journey through non-linear storytelling and game design.
  • The goal is to reward players for their exploration.
  • The options menu includes basic NIS and DLSS support, as well as settings available to content creators.
  • Native controller/gamepad support.
  • The game offers three different gameplay modes, including easy gameplay that allows players to enjoy the gameplay and story.

App Details

Android Version- Android 5.1+

File Size- 612 MB

Latest Version- v0.6.8

Package Name- 

Rating – 5.1+

Price – Free

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