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Catly.io APK

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Rating: 4.7+  Downloads: 250+ Size: 16.1 MB Updated: July 18, 2023.

Catly.io Apk is an interesting anime game in the RPG genre. You assemble a team of rare heroes, usually divided into roles and elements, and then engage in XCOM-level turn-based combat. It has excellent graphics, although most of the battles take place in an isometric format.

The developers voiced the characters and added animations during the dialogues. There will be only one voice and localization: Korean. I hope this changes global publishing. Since this is a F2P project, you should include an experienced hero. New fighters can be collected through the system and as the story progresses.

The story begins with the tragic past of the heroine and the conflict between God and humanity. The undying courage and camaraderie between friends give a ray of hope to a dark truth. This is a new 3D RPG mobile game originally developed by the “Langrisar” mobile game team at Blackjack Studio, a subsidiary of Zeelong Games.

Stunning combat battles and stunning full-screen animations enrich the story as players battle fate as rebels on the heroine’s journey. Catly.io and the fight to save people’s most vulnerable hearts is a dramatization of war.


What is Catly.io Apk?

The upcoming SRPG from Zlong Games is Catly.io Apk. In the sky in the year 985, Princess Paros must single-handedly defend the White Dragon Clan against the Empire. Abia suddenly wakes up as a “stranger”. During your adventures and battles with Avia, reborn as a queen, you need to find lost memories.

At the beginning of the story, the heroine tells about her tragic past and the conflict between God and humanity. A ray of hope lies in the incredible courage and reconciliation between friends.

Strategy RPG based on geography, ownership, and location! Catly.io’s RPG combat system includes preemptive attacks, stealth, bonus attacks, and pincer attacks. There are 30 game styles including surprise and defensive battles, 20 terrains, and gadget crafting! The vast universe includes new areas, game modes, and hidden portals.

The basic gameplay of the app is officially similar to the “Dream Simulator Mobile Version”. Of course, a new combat system has also been added that includes first strike, stealth, pursuit, and cooperation, but retains classic elements such as resources and professional features. Several options are available for playing with terrain features such as traps.

The game’s side quests allow players to better understand the character’s past and present. You can also chat with your favorite characters and friends around the fire.


Features of Catly.io Apk

Land, Resources, and Strategy! The original RPG

  • An authentic RPG that competes in strategy with land resources and is the center of action and conflict!
  • Take advantage of Catly.io’s new RPG battle system such as Preemptive Strike, Dodge, Extra Attack, and Pincer Attack.
  • 20 terrain elements such as traps and gadget designs and 30 game modes such as surprise and defense combat!
  • Find entrances and hidden treasures in expansive worlds and unlock terrain and modes.

Powerful skill effects!

  • Experience console-quality 3D motion graphics on mobile!
  • Experience unique moments of adventure in a fantasy cartoon-style 3D tome in Catly.io and defeat giant bosses with powerful Max in full screen!

The story unfolds like an animated film with full voice acting

  • Includes over 50 cutscenes, a main story, and extensive side quests with full voice acting.
  • Featuring top Korean voice actors like Kim Haru and Lee Myung-ho to set popular works in Korea to music, All Out!
  • AAA Masterpiece level sound effects can make you feel like watching an anime movie even in mobile games.

Real-time PVP with strategy

  • Never waste a second in real-time PvP! Play against real players!
  • Challenge and win in a turn-based brain/strategy battle where passion alone cannot prevail!
  • Lots of unexpected endings through character interaction!

We have created many additional questions related to the past and present history of the characters!

  • In the camp, you can interact with your favorite characters and make friends.
  • No one can predict the end of the story, which will change according to your choices!

Music master “Shimomura Yoko” soundtrack

  • A collaboration with Yoko Shimomura, creator of many famous game soundtracks!
  • Various musicians and teams from Korea, China, and Japan come together to experience the wonderful original Japanese sound of Catly.io, combining different elements from symphonic music to electronic music and rock!

App Details

Android Version- Android 5.1+

File Size- 16.1 MB

Latest Version- v0.76

Package Name- 

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

Written by Prince Rai

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