Yandroid Simulator Apk is a stealth game about a guy who secretly flirts and gets rid of any girl while maintaining the image of an innocent schoolgirl. Every week a new girl will fall in love with your senpai.
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Yandroid Simulator APK

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Rating: 4.6+  Downloads: 2200+ Size: 4MB Updated: Jan 13, 2023.

Yandroid Simulator Apk is a stealth game about a guy who secretly flirts and gets rid of any girl while maintaining the image of an innocent schoolgirl. Every week a new girl will fall in love with your senpai.

You must get rid of him before he confesses his love on Friday! There is a wide variety of table options; You can set the other guy up, ruin his reputation, get him kicked out of school, frame him for a crime, talk him down until he’s mad at him, or sabotage him.

Yandroid Simulator APK

Or can kidnap him and trap him in his basement. Or, if you prefer a more direct approach, you can kill him when no one is looking! Everyone at school knows your name and face, and your actions will affect your reputation.

To maintain the image of an innocent high school student, you must be careful in your dealings with others. You can attend classes, join clubs and make friends for various benefits.

Taking classes will help you develop new skills, joining clubs will earn you specific club items, and if you make friends, you can convince them to do different favors!

When you hit, you have to clean yourself up. Use a mop and a bucket of water to clean up all the bloodstains you left behind, and throw away any murder weapons and dead bodies that have fingerprints on them to cover all the evidence of your crime.

Be careful: Some students will take objectionable pictures of you and report you to the police when they see you committing murder… and other students have the nerve to chase you down, strip you, and arrest you!

Yandroid Simulator APK


Yandroid Simulator is a popular sandbox game that pokes fun at a wide range of anime concepts. Very popular among anime fans worldwide, this simulation game is still in development and receives regular updates with new features, content, and plot.

The main character, Yandere-chan, is a high school girl who is ‘head over heels’ in love with a boy. However, it is not a sweet love story as the character plays a psycho and wants the man to fall in love with himself no matter what.

Although the character is shown to be gentle and loving, he quickly turns violent when the love is not reciprocated. Overall, the game gives you hours of creativity and experimentation, often driven by your choices to keep the fun going.

A fun and easy-to-play sandbox build

When it comes to simulation games, Yandroid Simulator Apk Download is definitely a horror genre. While the game isn’t finished yet, the demo version is becoming increasingly popular, making it a great choice for anime fans. Since the game is also available on Android, you can enjoy Yandere-chan’s adventures on the go.

Yandroid Simulator APK


  • Passion story. Yandroid Simulator Apk is a Japanese term for a loving and caring girl at the beginning of a relationship, but her behavior is forgetful. He becomes obsessive, overprotective, violent, and mentally unbalanced.
  • The main character should appear calm and refrain from criminal activities. He must maintain his dignity, maintain the trust of his teacher and other students, and not rely on his girlfriend, Senpai.
  • Secret destruction by other students. Yandroid Simulator is willing to use any means to crush his opponents. He is ready to gossip, lie, cheat, steal, cheat, or torture to lose his wife.
  • Other methods of permanent elimination include poisoning, drowning, electrocution, and induced suicide. Use weapons like a kitchen knife, circular saw, baseball bat, and samurai swords.
  • We all remember school crushes and strong feelings for the object of our affection. You can relive those days and relish the idea of crushing your opponents in the most creative and brutal ways. It is full of content and details.

Yandroid Simulator APK

  • Feel the love. You can play as a character and experience the love life of the character in the game.
  • Many Possibilities There are many ways to remove chicks. It is important to hook her up with another man or ruin her reputation. It was a difficult decision to kidnap and kill him. All these options you can choose from.
  • Learn Skills Different skills can also be learned by joining different classes in the game.
  • Join the congregation. Clubs are a great way to gain respect and make new friends. So you can join different clubs and make friends in the game. These friends can receive various benefits later in the game.

Mod Features:

  • People who catch you doing unwanted acts may whisper about you to their friends. Students may think you are suspicious if you have bad credit. Because of your solid reputation, students may have eyes on you.
  • Acts of aggression will result in you losing security. No doubt it will drive you crazy. As a result of losing extra weight, people will call you crazy at first glance. That’s not respectful to someone you love, and it’s game over.
  • Animated kills are effective, fast, and quiet when you’re in good health. Your health is taken into account when calculating animations. The poor physical condition allows you to achieve dirty and messy goals. If you lose control over your sanity, you will lead a painful, violent, and sad life.
  • Yandroid Simulator can display important characters and objects on walls while a keyboard/controller button is dedicated to laughing like a “yandere”.

Yandroid Simulator APK


A large environment filled with NPCs sets the stage for gameplay similar to the Hitman sequel. The act of killing your target by stealth, by accident, or without witnesses, can kill your target witnesses.

Whenever you meet someone along the way, kill them. If you don’t dispose of the bodies, take the blood and destroy the evidence, you will also be charged with a crime. Although you don’t want some blood on your lips, you can use mutual manipulation to get rid of the girl.

He should be disqualified from the university and his reputation wiped away. Ask any girl in school to chase him before he dies and you’ll have no trouble. When the man you love can’t love you back, it’s game over. You will never fall in love with him.

Yandroid Simulator APK

Yandroid Simulator APK

App Details

Android Version- Android 5.1+

File Size- 4 MB

Latest Version- v1.0 (1)

Package Name- 

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

What’s New in Yandroid Simulator Apk

  • The defect has been corrected.
  • User-friendly control panel.
  • increased speed.


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