Toca Life World Apk Mod 1.34 Download [Unlocked All] 2022

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APK name Toca Life World Apk Mod 1.34
Version 1.34
Mate 486 MB
Developer Toca Boca
Category Game
mod Yes
Android required 5.5 and above

What is Toca Life World Apk Mod 1.34

Toca Boca introduces kids to a world of entertainment with Toca Life World.

Toca Life World Apk is the series that this game belongs to. It was created to give children access to a safe, imaginative, and fun playground. Thanks to Toka Life World, children’s imaginations are stimulated and their knowledge of the living world is expanded.

Toka Life World initially attracted the interest of people of all ages, not just young children. So what is the meaning of this game? Come and find it with me

An integrated version

Toka Life City, Toka Life Vacation, Toka Life Neighborhood, Toka Life Hospital and more are part of the Toka Life series. And when you walk through one of them, Toca Life World will feel very familiar. Why? Because Toka Life World had all these variations. With Toca Life World you can link and save data from other games. It’s a lot of fun and you can even add different publishing sites or personalities!

Toka Life World’s addictive gameplay is for young kids aged 3 to 12 years.

You join the magical world and learn new things while playing the game. There are no restrictions, so you can do anything, no matter how absurd it may seem. Annoying people, giving grandma a teen haircut, or just hanging out with friends.

In this free playground you can create your own story with other characters. You can take your cat to school, your vet to the barber, or your sloth to the skate park. Explore the universe of Toca Life World without looking back!

You can communicate with practically anyone in this world. Change posters, pour tea for the librarian, and draw fun shapes on the board. The game sometimes introduces some strange characters who are dressed up or disguised as clowns. Even if it doesn’t cost anything, it’s fun to find them.

My favorite job is a salesman at the playground. I can freely dress as I wish for the children. Sell ​​them food or drink or maybe help out at a basketball game. Plus, you can complete these things!

Discover a big world.

All iterations of the Toka Life series have been merged into Toka Life World. As a result, the game introduces a highly detailed open world with many new locations.

Toca Life World currently has over eight different locations including retail stores, restaurants, salons and apartments. You begin with a visit to the most active and important district, the city of Bop. You can unlock more than 39 different categories of characters.

If you are not satisfied with the items I have just listed, visit the shop. It is a multi-purpose store shop with over 50 locations, 300 characters, and 125 different types of pets.

The manufacturer also promises to add new settings, people, and things in the near future. So wait!

Daily Gifts

Every time you log in you will get a surprise gift. If you log in more often, you will receive additional incentives. They sometimes provide access to certain items that are not sold in stores.


Toka Life World interface is well designed with 2D graphics. It has an ornate background with many houses and shops. Bright colors are used to show off their understated designs.

The characters are also very diverse with over 400 different faces. His looks and facial expressions are amazing.

Overly complex scenes in the Toka Life world occur when the creator “crushes” multiple objects into smaller areas. As a result, I sometimes have to strain my eyes to find the footage I need to play this game.

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