Papas Paleteria APK

Papas Paleteria APK

  App By: Paleteria

Rating: 4.5+  Downloads: 2200+ Size: 60 MB Updated: April 02, 2024.

Papas Paleteria APK is a casual management game that lets you become a popsicle tycoon. In this game, you will have your popsicle shop and try to become one of the most famous popsicle brands.

From running a small shop on the high street to expanding a range of stores, you will face various challenges and opportunities.

You must design popsicles with unique taste and good craftsmanship to attract more customers and increase the popularity and reputation of the store. Apart from making the popsicles, it is also necessary to properly organize the store space, decorations, promotional activities, etc.

To attract more customers. In a highly competitive market, you can also stay competitive by developing new flavors and negotiating with suppliers.

Be alert while facing various unexpected challenges and obstacles. Being good at managing and dealing with crises is the only way to succeed in the popsicle industry. Start your entrepreneurial journey!

Papas Paleteria APK

About Papas Paleteria APK

Papas Paleteria APK invites players into the bustling world of the Shop in San Fresco. After a mischievous sea lion runs off with a priceless pendant, it’s up to you to prepare delicious popsicles and popsicles to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Choose molds, fill them with fruit purees, creams, and fillings, and then decorate the frozen treats with a variety of sauces, dips, and dips to create an edible masterpiece.

Celebrate the changing seasons with holiday flavors, unlock new ingredients, and earn special recipes to keep your customers coming back for more. With customizable workers, food truck entertainment, and tons of decorations and mini-games, Papas Paleteria APK offers a fun and engaging popsicle store experience.

Papas Paleteria APK

Features of  Papas Paleteria APK

Sweet shapes and fresh toppings: Choose molds to create each individual-shaped popsicle, then fill them with a variety of fruit purees, thick toppings, sweet cream, and custard. Chill the molds in the freezer to make the perfect frozen treat.

Decorate the Top: Add delicious sauces, sprinkles, crumbles, and decorative drops to popsicles, making popsicles unique edible art!

Christmas Flavors: Celebrate the season with delicious Christmas flavors! As you reach new ranks, the seasons and holidays will change in San Fresco, and your customers will start asking for Christmas-themed juice bars!

Discover a range of ramekins, toppings, sauces, dips, and drizzles designed for every occasion, ensuring your customers enjoy the spirit of the season!

Serve Special Dishes: Get special dishes from your customers and serve them as specials of the day in Pellateria. Each specialty has a bonus that you can earn by making a good example of that recipe. Master each feature to earn special rewards!

CUSTOMIZE YOUR STAFF: Play as Hacky Jack or Liesel, or create your custom character to work in the restaurant. You can also show your own Christmas spirit with the various Christmas costumes and apparel of the employees. Choose unique color combinations for each outfit and create your style with millions of combinations!

Special Delivery: Some customers don’t want to make the entire trip to the San Fresco docks to pick up their pallets. When you start taking orders by phone, customers can call to place an order, which can help another employee pick up the order and deliver it to their home.

Food Truck Fun: After hiring another employee, you can send them to a food truck for a few days to deliver what they need. Use your imagination to create your own unique popsicles and serve them at the food truck and see who comes to try them. You can even mix different Christmas ingredients in the food truck to create creative combinations!

Collect Stickers: Complete various tasks and achievements while playing to earn colorful stickers for your collection. Each customer has a set of three favorite stickers – win all three and get a new set as a gift for that customer!

And much more: decorate the lobby with Christmas-themed furniture, send coupons to your customers to entice them to visit the restaurant, and play Foodini mini-games to unlock tons of new rewards, from furniture to stylish clothes. Just relax!

Papas Paleteria APK

Mod features of Papas Paleteria APK

  • A convenient juice shop in the Papas Paleteria universe.
  • Multi-task between filling molds, chilling juice cups, and adding toppings.
  • 12 different days off, each with more ingredients.
  • Earn and master 40 unique special recipes.
  • Get 90 colorful stickers for completing tasks.
  • 148 customers receive individual orders.
  • Use stickers to unlock new outfits for your customers.
  • 129 ingredients to unlock.

Create cool ice creams:

Father’s mess will be cleaned up! By participating, you will take on the role of temporary manager at Papas Paleteria APK. But even if you say you are a manager, in reality, you have to work as a waiter, cashier, and cook.

Every time a customer comes over for ice cream, you are the one who greets them and places their order. Once the ordering phase is completed, you go to the kitchen to prepare the ice cream according to the customer’s wishes.

Father’s mess will be cleaned up! There are a total of 4 steps to make ice cream. The first step is to accept orders from customers. The second step is to make the ice cream mold.

The third step is cooling and the last step is decorating the ice cream. Ordering is very easy, but once you enter the kitchen it’s not that easy. There are many machines and you have to decide what they do.

Even if you pour the syrup into a mold and freeze it, it is easier, but the game is not that easy. Consumer needs can be very complex, usually involving three or more flavors of ice cream, not to mention other toppings. You have to be very careful and need a chef’s advice to perfect it.

Highlights of Papas Paleteria APK

  • 1. Lots of interesting stories happen here and you can have interesting conversations with customers from all over the world.
  • 2. With the money you earn you can buy new ingredients and prepare delicious sweets.
  • 3. Customers have different preferences in Papas Paleteria APK game and you can earn more profit by catering to their needs.
  • 4. Remember the order of each ice cream. If the parts are in the wrong order, the product will fail.
  • 5. Each player can create a unique game character in the game and start his professional life.
  • 6. Thanks to your efforts, you have gained many customers. If there are customers, they will give a lot of recommendations.
  • 7. In the Papas Paleteria APK game, players can unlock different guests, each with a different level.

Gameplay Of Papas Paleteria APK:

When you say “Papas Paleteria APK” As you play, you are tasked with making and selling ice cream. You’ll need to mix the ingredients, freeze them, and then decorate the popsicles before serving them to your customers. From choosing the right flavor to making sure every ice cream is perfect, this game will keep you busy multitasking.

Christmas Flavor: The game changes with the seasons, allowing you to make special ice creams for holidays like Christmas or Halloween.
Food Truck Fun: You can take your ice cream food truck on the road and make and sell any type of ice cream you dream of.

Serve special dishes: There are special dishes that customers request and if you prepare them correctly, you will receive additional rewards.

As you improve your canteen management, you unlock new in-game items such as ingredients and decorations. The game ensures that there is always something new to try, which makes it interesting.


As someone who loves the Papas Paleteria game series, I think Papas Paleteria APK! A very interesting game with a more unique setting and content than the previous games. Free Dad Pellateria! Cool down the hot summer breeze with delicious ice cream!

What is new?

  • Fixed some parade completion issues
  • Rating details will be updated in food trucks if toppings are not added
  • Fixed an issue where items would not appear in the clothing menu in some situations
  • Fixed alarm issue in cooling station on some screen sizes
  • Fixed issues with shape selection in the build station
  • Fixed some recipe names being truncated in the dropdown list.
  • Fixed an issue with the final scene of the story
  • Optimization of some customer organizations

App Details

Android Version- Android 5.1+

File Size- 60MB

Latest Version v1.1.0

Package Name-

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

Written by Prince Rai

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