Millionaire Son in Law Novel Chapter 3084 – 3085

Cynthia said, “I didn’t tell you about this. Charlie was found a while ago and there are a lot of things you don't know". It’s just a long story.
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July 9, 2021.

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Millionaire Son in Law Novel Chapter 3084 – 3085

Millionaire Son in Law Novel 3084 – 3085

  By: Lord Leaf

Read Chapter 3084 – 3085 of the novel The Millionaire Son in Law Updated : July 9, 2021.

Chapter 3084

Cynthia said, “I didn’t tell you about this. Charlie was found a while ago and there are a lot of things you don’t know. It’s just a long story.

” Harvey said curiously, “I don’t want to know what’s hidden in your family, I just want to know why he tied my son up. Did my son dine with him?”

Cynthia said, “As far as I know, both people should be on the phone. My nephew is in Aurous Hill. When Kim got off the plane his men took him away. Harvey said sadly, “Your nephew is very strange to do something. People in the community look down. Is it necessary to make him so ugly?”

Kim is being carried by him, and in the case of an airport pickup, would he have secretly planned it? Kim will not be so engrossed in future conversations. How will the account settle with him when he returns? ” “How …”, Cynthia exclaimed, “Harvey, the situation in this case is more complicated than you think.

Kim will not be able to come back for a while.” “What do you mean ?!” Harvey immediately asked angrily, “Aren’t your nephews willing to let go after such a big deal?”

“Yes.” Cynthia said helplessly, “I tried to persuade him, but it’s useless. He never put me in his eyes.” Harvey gritted his teeth and asked, “Then how can he set my son free?”

Cynthia hesitated for a moment and said embarrassingly: “Charlie said he wanted Kim to be a seamen on his ship for three years.” During these three years Kim will not be able to leave the ship, go to shore and gain independence after three years.

“Grass!” Harvey was immediately furious, “What’s that? An international joke ?! Let my son be semen for three years. What does he think ?! If he hadn’t left my son behind today, I wish he had.

” To look good!” Cynthia explained: “Harvey, take my advice, Charlie is not something you can provoke, even if I can’t provoke him.

If you insult me ​​you will be treated arbitrarily, and even my father will not face me. This time Kim is in his hands and no one can save him except you and me.

” “What ?!” Harvey gritted his teeth and said, “You mean I’m Harvey, who’s lived 50 years and I still can’t compare you to the filthy little kid in your Wade family?”

Chapter 3085

Cynthia wanted to tell him you could go, even two men from the Sue family your age couldn’t escape Charlie’s clutches.

But she didn’t dare tell him because she knew in her heart that if she betrayed Charlie he wouldn’t let her go. So he reassured her wholeheartedly: “Harvey, I advise you to accept this peacefully. This is the best solution for Kim at the moment, although the next three years will be more difficult.

” Harvey said coldly, “Cynthia, your family is really cheating too much! Aren’t you just trying to save your nephew?” So no need to use my son’s future as a reward ?! You hired me when you were three years old?

You thought that if you persuaded me, would I be willing to let my son roam the sea for three years? I tell you this is your day dream! ” Cynthia said anxiously, “Harvey! Can’t you find any good words? My nephew my throat and sh! I can’t wait to drive on T.

He comes after me even when I’m trying to save the dog, I protect him. Don’t do it I totally recommend you because I’m thinking of you and Kim. You and I are in the same camp.

I want to do my best to save both of you. If you take my advice, please stay with me and let him come to Kim, it will be completely over; But if you don’t listen to me and annoy Charlie, you have to sit with him! Harvey was skeptical and said, “I’ll call Elder Wade and let him be fair! I don’t think he can allow his grandson to grandfather such people!”

Cynthia said weakly, “Well, call my dad until you don’t bother Charlie’s teasing. You can see what he’s saying.” Harvey immediately connected the phone and immediately called the Wade family’s eldest Zhangquan. Zongquan knows Harvey and his father was also a good friend with him.

At the moment when he got Harvey’s call, he laughed and asked, “Little Zong, why are you thinking of calling me?” Harvey said quickly, “Uncle, there’s something I need to ask you to name me for your Zhang family!” After speaking he quickly told the whole story over the phone.

After listening to Zonggangquan, he became a little numb for a moment and was immediately relieved. He thought to himself, “Can’t Charlie Sue even take care of the family, leave the conversation to the Zonggang family?” “Suna’s son Zine was also thrown into Syria by Charlie.

In his eyes, your son Harvey I’m afraid he’s not as good as a dog. With such a third class he dares to move ura run and jump in front of Charlie, isn’t he trying to kill himself?

When Zhongquan thought this, he laughed and said seriously, “Little Zhong, I had a good relationship with your father at that time, so I have to tell you the truth.” Harvey spoke quickly, “Uncle, speak louder!” Zongquan said seriously, “Don’t provoke Charlie, you don’t provoke him exactly.

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