Metal Mind APK

Metal Mind APK

By: Whirllaxy Studios


Rating: 4.1+ Downloads: 510+ Size: 204 MB Updated: November 30, 2023,

Metal Mind APK is developed with a unique concept and gameplay. It is a perfectly designed game with amazing graphics and features.

It is based in a future world where large artificial intelligence companies believe that AI robots have no emotions, and try to remove emotions and thoughts from all robots, find them, and enslave them as humans.

As a newly evolved and sentient robot, you embark on a journey to empower yourself and stop them.

With a very unique storyline and concept, the game aims to gain a huge fan base. People love the concept of the game and its gameplay.

Metal Mind Apk

About Metal Mind APK:

Metal Mind APK is a first-person shooter game that immerses you in a mysterious and mysterious story. Choose a character you want to play and your story begins by waking up alone in a cage.

In this wooden environment, you have to calmly explore your surroundings to escape from the people in the house.

Metal Mind depicts all its scenes with 3D graphics. In this, game you have to go through all the rooms of the house to escape from the madman who is chasing you.

Use the joystick to move your character, the square button to jump, and the inventory at the bottom of the screen to collect and select items you find along the way.

While progressing through the story is fairly easy at the beginning of the game, the more rooms you explore, the harder the game becomes.

Best tips for Metal Mind APK:

This game is equipped with advanced technology and great features. The features of the game have attracted people from all over the world. Check out the features listed below to get all the information about this game.

Bind yourself

Everyone is against you, so you have to be strong. You will face many problems and challenges on your way, so stay strong. You can learn new skills and abilities from your AI and keep yourself safe.

Develop strategies and plans

You need to make relevant plans to conquer your tasks and responsibilities. Everyone wants to kill you and develop a good strategy to complete your mission successfully. You are a very skilled and intelligent robot and you have good strategy and decision-making skills.

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App Details

Android Version-Android 5.1+

File Size- 204 MB

Latest Version- v0.8.21.23

Rating –5.1+

Price –Free

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