Magic Call Apk Free Download [Premium] 2022

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APK name Magic Call Apk
Version 1.6.1
Mate 29 MB
Developer BNG MOBILE
Category apps
mod Yes
Android required 5.5 and above

What is Magic Call Apk Free

Are you bored? And if you are looking for a fun twist or if you like to make jokes or have fun then you have come to the right place as we have many entertaining options for you. Yes, the magic call app to prank anyone and change your voice is super interesting and fun.

So get ready for Magic Call a fun experience. Magic Call app offers a variety of voice changers including male, cartoon, and female voices. You will no doubt have an incredible calling experience. This fantastic app is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and has no unusual limitations. This fun program is used and downloaded by thousands of people every month. You can call from 80 different countries.

By using a different voice, you can easily mislead your friends and call your family. You can listen to your voice sample. You can quickly and easily change your voice to female or child voice. This feature allows you to record conversations for later listening. Now let’s take a look at some of its great features listed below.

Different voices

This is one of the most basic components of the application. With this fun program you can duplicate your voice and give it a different gender and age. It offers a variety of voices including robots, children, cartoons or both sexes. You can’t even distinguish your voice because the voice changes so quickly. It will not be wrong to say that this application is the best in the world. This functionality makes this program more complex. Your friends and family will react in a surprised and hilarious way after hearing that hilarious sound from you.

Earn it.

By using this app you have a good chance to earn money from this fun software. Isn’t it great that you can make money with the program? You can earn money by referring your friends and family. You can generate income through this amazing app. All you really need is app credits, which you can earn by referring friends. This good software allows you to earn money quickly after the referral process.

Good optimization

This fun and engaging app is completely customized around the user. Because it is so lightweight, the program works flawlessly on all low-end devices. Magic Call is an excellent program that works without buffering. This app is fast popular because you will love it so much.

Features of Magic Call App – Voice Changer on Call

  • Enjoy real-time voice changer on demand. Use voice changers for women, voice changers for kids, cartoon voice changers, etc.
  • Change the voice during a call
  • Earn free credit on the first registration
  • Test your voice before calling
  • The cheapest way to make funny calls
  • Play sound emoticons like the kiss, clap, etc. during calls


Magic call app has many voices like female voice changers, cartoon voice changers, male voice changer,s etc. With this app you can:

  • Change the voice to female
  • Change the voice to male
  • Talk like a cartoon
  • Select the normal voice option to have a normal conversation


  • Choose a vote. Example – Man, Woman, Cartoon, etc.
  • Choose a background. Example: happy birthday, traffic, rainy background, concert.
  • Select a contact or number
  • Start your magic call
  • Once the call is connected, the voice changer will convert your voice to the selected voice. And then, you can
  • hear your friend’s funny reactions and reactions.

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