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The development of Phangum HOLOCURE APK by fans of VTuber Hololive was inspired by Vampire Survivors and Magic Survival Phantom.
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July 08, 2022
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The development of Phangum HOLOCURE APK by fans of VTuber Hololive was inspired by Vampire Survivors and Magic Survival Phantom. This unofficial HoloLive game has many elements with vampire survivors and presents them with their famous links.

HOLOCURE Apk fans are fascinated by HOLOCURE fan games. In fact, Holloway fans have developed this game inspired by the Magic Survival and Vampire Survivors video game series.


Inspired by Vampire Survivors and Magic Survival’s fan games, HoloCure was created by fans of VTuber Hololive. This unofficial HOLOCURE app  game has many elements including vampire survivors and is characterized by their famous lines.

Second, Hololive fans are playing the HOLOCURE APK game, created by their VTuber community.

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VTuber Hololive fans are mesmerized by the HOLOCURE fangame. In fact, fans of HoloLive have created the game, which is inspired by the Magic Survival and Vampire Survivors video game series.

What do you think of Vampire Survivors Video Game? Pecora, Ina, Botan, Fubuki and other whitewashers from the Hololive team played a game developed by Pongal.


Some fans of Hololive have also created vampire read video games that have a Hololive VTuber personality and are equipped with various skills and upgrades. You’ll have to deal with a variety of enemies, including monsters, pets and even VTubers, each with their own unique background.

What is the Specification of HOLOCURE Game

  • Through Gacha, 11 Hololive characters can be unlocked and used (currency in the game only).
  • This demo has Hololive’s “HoloEN” members. In the next update we will also include the people in “HoloJP” and “HoloID”.
  • Each character has specific abilities and skills.
  • Access to a large number of unusual weapons and passive objects.
  • Ufrik remixed the HoloLive track he remixed.
  • The system is hidden from view.
  • Protect yourself from iconic hololive characters and pets.

Screenshot of HOLOCURE APK




Let’s Know About Gameplay

Vampire Survivors This video game seems controversial to me. Aside from undoubtedly being a great game, it is a sign of a steady downward trend in modern sports.

Vampire Survivors was basically left out for my purposes because the new HoloLive HoloCure Mobile Apk clone offers everything it does and is a great product and it’s free.

Holocaust Itsitch.io Runner for Android clearly claims to be inspired by Magic Survival and similar game Vampire Survivors.

So sub-styles are being developed, so it’s fine as long as the “copy” doesn’t explain the original without adding something new or interesting.

Holocaust Mobile offers a variety of cool effects. In HoloMyth, the first generation of English-speaking Hololive VTubers, your job is to fight war exploiters and factories destroyed by unknown “evil forces”.

A structured mode in which you have to be patient until you reach the final boss, then “win” the boss or defeat the boss in unlimited attack mode with the online ranking. (Note: Due to the large number of players, the leaderboards are temporarily suspended.)

Professional animator Kai Yu, whose previous credits include Mushoku Tensi, Boruto, Castlevania, Sword Art Online, Cinematic Realism for Shanta and Seven Enchantress and Orcs for River City Girls, created Holocaust Mobile. You can easily create a product that looks cohesive, streamlined and polished because it’s a professional who does it with enthusiasm.

What are the various advantages of HOLOCURE APK

  1. All versions of this app include updated features.
  2. Select an application based on your interests.
  3. This app has been fully verified as safe and secure for use, so you can run it and use it if you are interested.
  4. The game is available to everyone, so you can play it without any restrictions.
  5. With this feature, you can obtain unlimited money, coins, and characters.
  6. Review full articles with column divisions, images, and videos.
  7. Learn how to use the app as well as play the game? Instructions are provided.
  8. Save the file so that he can access it from his Android and other devices in the future.

What are the various disadvantage of HOLOCURE APK

  1. In case the apk file you download or run has damaged the internal storage of your computer or mobile device, you should not run it.
  2. When you download the application, some viruses are also downloaded along with the apk file which are harmful for your mobile and PC.
  3. Some apps are starting to update automatically. Our internet data was used in this process.
  4. Viruses and rogue apps / some pop-ups are the main cause of bugs and redirect errors. That way, our device shuts down automatically.

Can I get the HOLOCURE APK for Android?

  1. When the download is complete, you will find the APK in the “Downloads” section of your browser. You must first allow third-party apps on your device before you can install them.
  2. The process is illustrated below. You must enable Unknown Sources in the Menu> Settings> Security> section of your phone in order for it to install apps other than those from the Google Play Store.
  3. As soon as you have completed the above step, open your browser’s “Downloads” section and tap on the file once it has been downloaded. Upon installing the file, you will be prompted for permission.
  4. The application can be used as usual after the installation is complete.


  • Bug Resolved.
  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • Speed Boosted.

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It is sure that this review has answered all your questions about the HOLOCURE APK, now download this amazing app for Android & PC and enjoy it. Please share this app with your friends and family if you enjoy it.

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