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Helmet Heroes Reborn Apk is an adventure-based game application for Android mobile phones. It is based on many levels, missions, and challenges. You will enter a virtual world where there are various creatures, some harmful and some useful.

Therefore, you need to collect articles that are desirable and useful for you. Meanwhile, you will encounter some evil creatures or animals that you need to kill or avoid. So it will clear the way for you and you can enter new levels.

There are different types of RPG classes that are generally accepted. Because there are more than 600 items that you can collect and use to make your hero stronger. In addition, you will face demons and other evil forces.

You have to make your hero stronger to fight against those monsters. So when you enter the next or higher levels, you will face stronger and tougher monsters. There, you have to collect power boosters and other useful power-ups in each level.

Therefore, it will gradually allow users to overcome obstacles that are difficult to overcome. However, there are other similar adventure games that you can download and play, such as My City Boat Adventure and Wreck Room. They are free and safe.

About Helmet Heroes Reborn Apk

As mentioned above this is a new and latest adventure game developed and released by third-party game developers for Android and iOS users worldwide who want to play the latest adventure game for free.

In this new adventure game, you have to explore a world covered with dangerous enemies and other threats that are always out to kill you. To win this game, you have to play the game with full strategy and caution, protecting yourself from the enemies and dangers that the developer has placed in this game.

If you have played any adventure video game on your device, you can easily play this new game using the skills you acquired while playing other MMORPG games on your device. If you have never played an adventure game before, don’t worry try this new game and learn new skills and abilities.

In this game, like other action-adventure games, the player can find different characters and heroes divided into different sections by the developer which helps the players to customize the whole game and various built-in skins of others. Help customize the hero with costumes and other items.

Features of Helmet Heroes Reborn Apk

Choose your class or create your own class!

A key part of creating any hero is choosing your class. Do you join a brave warrior, a cunning archer, a wise wizard, or… a cowboy? Each class has its own unique skills and abilities. Don’t like any of them? Create your own!

Cooperate, trade, and battle with other players.

What fun is an MMORPG if you can’t communicate with other players? If soloing isn’t your thing and you want to join other players in a PvE adventure, you can! If you have a score to pay or want to fight another player, you can go to a dedicated PvP arena designed for one thing: Hero Vs. Hero fight. don’t cry

If you keep looking over your shoulder and know that everyone is going to kill you, you can create your own character and missions on PvP servers!

Do you have an epic magic staff but prefer to use a weapon? Or do you have an extra piece of armor lying around? You can easily trade your items with other players… for more stuff!

A huge world to explore

Take your mighty adventurer to explore distant lands. From remote forests to hidden underground dungeons, you’ll face dozens of different enemies. Show no mercy and kill everyone with a variety of weapons, from swords and bows to magic wands and guns!

Quests are very thirsty work and you will need to stock up on supplies from time to time. Visit one of the many towns or cities and you’ll find a variety of shops, including weapon makers, gunsmiths, shield sellers, and other vendors who can sell you useful items and tools.

Mod features

  • Over 600 weapons, helmets, armor, shields, and accessories
  • Fight with guns, swords, shields, bows, staffs, and more!
  • Find gear as you explore, buy it from vendors, or craft it yourself
  • Choose from 4 classes or mix and match them to create your own
  • 60 pets to choose from: ride them, take care of them or send them into battle!
  • Create your own guild or join an existing one
  • Go on a heroic adventure, team up with friends or create something along the way!
  • The ranking system ranks your dozens of skills against other Helmet Heroes players
  • Use and upgrade over 30 special abilities
  • Craft items and collect resources from your environment
  • Take a break from hunting and fishing!
  • A dedicated PvP server for bloodthirsty players looking for Arena and PvP battles
  • The trade and friendship system allows you to easily interact with other players


The addictive gameplay of Helmet Heroes Reborn has many fans and is free to play crazy games. The game has been played over 14 million times and received only a few downvotes. You can play the game on any mobile device running HTML5 or a web browser.

This game is everything an MMORPG should be and more. We will talk about how to play it below. The game has a user-friendly interface with joystick buttons on the phone. Players can combine moves and combine them into unique combat abilities, defeat monsters and recruit additional players to the team.

You can explore different underground areas and complete different missions. This game contains many different enemies and many dangers. There are many ways to play so there is something for everyone. Helmet Heroes has everything an MMORPG should have.

Helmet Heroes Reborn Apk Helmet Heroes Reborn Apk

App Details

Android Version- Android 5.1+

File Size- 13.2 MB

Latest Version-v10.6

Package Name- 

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

What’s New in Helmet Heroes Reborn Apk

  • The defect has been corrected.
  • User-friendly control panel.
  • increased speed.

We are confident that you have reached your goal of finding Helmet Heroes Reborn Apk. We encourage you to try other apps that are also popular on the web.


This review should have answered all your questions about Helmet Heroes Reborn Apk, download and enjoy this amazing app for Android and PC. If you like the app, please share it with your friends and family.

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