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Eversoul Apk is a collectible mobile game developed by Kakao Games based on a medieval and post-apocalyptic fantasy worldview. You can collect and talk to characters created with natural 3D animated graphics.

It features a romantic story-telling system based on the similarity system taken from a dating sim and a charming and beautiful territory management system that uses SD characters to make users feel very connected to reunited souls.

In addition to the basic elements of collectible games such as battle and promotion, it allows users to experience a management game-style job system using collected souls and offers a variety of tactics in roguelike dungeons that they can experiment with.

This App is a mobile RPG based on an apocalyptic and medieval fantasy world where players will enjoy 3D animations, and collect and care for cute elven characters.

In addition to the basic combat elements, there is also a love system that allows players to develop feelings for their characters, a romance system, and a system for managing their territory. After full preparation, Kakao Games announced that the original Soul Artifact would be renamed to Eversoul, meaning Eternal Soul Enduring Years.

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A gacha RPG called Eversoul Apk will be released in 2023. You will start a great journey in a wonderful parallel universe. You can play as your favorite character and enjoy many cute NPCs in this adventure. Your mobile trip is sure to be unforgettable. After the release of the trailer, many players around the world have shown interest in Eversole.

It is known by many as the best gacha game of 2023 on both PC and mobile. Why is it ranked so high? First of all, the game has a beautiful plot centered around a 3D fantasy parallel universe. The game also features a large cast of characters with cool looks and other skill systems. Moreover, it has a disturbing 3D visual in its design. As such, it will provide the best RPG experience.

Join the game and you will be able to choose and create your favorite character. Then, as a member of a team of heroes, your characters will protect the parallel universe from threats. The character and his friends are integral to the player’s adventure. That campaign features some interesting battles with strategic elements. Players must collect all 5 heroes before going into battle. They will join the fight with the enemies to end the world.

In this game, each hero is known as a “soul”. They may come from different universes and have unique abilities. To create powerful combos, players must place them.

They can control each character individually for their respective cards during the conflict. You only need to touch the card when the girl is fully charged to release her special power. Combat is always lively and entertaining. As the level increases, they become more attractive.


Summon Unique Spirits

Summon tons of beautifully crafted souls from 6 different factions, each with its own unique abilities and battle animations, and build your ultimate soul squad.

Strategize epic battles

Take advantage of core group advantages, and party advantages and explore formations to show your ultimate skills in intense battles.

Amazing Anime RPG

Enjoy a stunning visual RPG with graphics, animations, and artwork inspired by an eclectic variety of anime while focusing on beautiful audio designed to enrich your gameplay.

Create your world

Create and explore your own delicious city with different textures and decorations, where you can roam freely and mingle with their spirits, take part in the day and night adventures or kill monsters hidden in empty corners.

Select your destination

Connect with colorful souls full of personality, but choose your answers wisely because they will determine the fate of your relationship.

Collect and level up

Collect unique souls that you can upgrade and interact with to unlock special stories.

Rich gameplay

Climb the arena leaderboards, fight epic bosses with your guildmates, and explore mazes and dungeons for the perfect PvE and PVP experience.

Engaging story

A powerful story unfolds where you, as the savior, are called into the multiverse to save a parallel world from imminent danger.

Automatic combat with passive mechanics

Seamless, hassle-free resource gathering to earn while you play…or sleep!


Excellent anime character creation system.

Awesome character system combined with Eversoul’s anime design. The most attractive feature of the game is its other characters. Humans, animals, fairies, undead, angels, and demons are just a few of the six different clans that make up this race. Each clan has distinctive characteristics in terms of appearance, behavior, and abilities. Each member of each clan, in particular, has a pleasant or attractive charm. Every time you replay or interact with the NPC system, you’ll have fun.

Also, each character will make you feel like the action is happening. Some people prefer magical attacks, while others prefer physical attacks. Each character also has different abilities and side effects. Despite their various differences, the characters can work well together. They can be added to clubs so players can see skill combo combinations. Combos have powerful effects that will dazzle you with their magnificence. Players can level up characters to increase their level, experience points, and attributes.

Explore multiple environments.

Eversoul is the perfect story of adventure as well as being fast and experienced. It is set in a universe that is vast, complex, and open to fantasy. As the levels progress, new sections become accessible. Each location will have some unique puzzles and enemies. And, every player can fall in love there because of the amazing atmosphere. To get more information, you have to wander further.

Check out the options.

PvE and PvP are the two main game modes. Players will take on a role in PvE mode and explore chapters of the original story. They can team up with clanmates while playing in PvP mode. Everyone can travel to every country, fight together with bosses and explore the road. The game provides a leaderboard to rate each player in PvP.

Excellent 3D anime design.

Eversole’s sleek and cute anime design will not disappoint you. Open a wide world with a wide range of settings. With vivid colors and realistic backgrounds, that world comes to life. Also, the anime character system is better. Each character is attractive and has an amazing skill effect. They look good, as seen in 3D cut sequences. Each character also has a complete line of dialogue that you can follow throughout the story.


There are a few extra elements though, but overall, Eversoul is a card action RPG. The gameplay is light, focusing mainly on exploring the open world to collect souls and obtain numerous more useful artifacts during battle. The question here is, without so many complex mechanics, will Eversoul be repetitive and does it have a strategy? After acquiring a new spirit, you must go through a training and feeding process so that the spirit can unleash its full potential and then go into battle.

This process without an adequate development strategy and a reasonable order of priorities will lead to confusion and imbalance among souls. Character selection is another strategic element that should be seriously considered when planning a squad. An irrational team can lead to frustration and waste existing talent. Conversely, if there is a proper arrangement, both can make up for someone’s weakness by taking advantage of this person and ending the fight as soon as possible.

Each team competing in Eversoul will have a maximum of 4 souls. The character will follow the order of his previous formation when encountering enemies, and then automatically use his own ability to fight monsters. In battle, activating abilities to optimize damage and making decisions to improve any soul’s stats are also important parts. In addition to the above 2 strategic factors, you can find yourself in many good situations on the battlefield. Remember that the road is always moving forward. You should choose the shortest path, and avoid as many enemies as possible. You don’t have to deal with all of them.

Eversoul APK

App Details

Android Version- Android 5.1+

File Size- 113 MB

Latest Version- v0.16.13

Package Name- 

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

What’s New in Eversoul Apk

  • The defect has been corrected.
  • User-friendly control panel.
  • increased speed.


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