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Binemon APK is a game that was introduced in the crypto industry and has many users in the Philippines and Vietnam.

The game offers a game concept that combines blockchain and gaming. It announced that the process of designing, crafting, and arranging all the structures for the Binamon game often took on a mix of many game genres and storylines that were open to all. The character design of the game is that it is edited from the trending memes of the digital community.

What is Binemon APK?

As we can see, News is a game and Binemon Apk called Binemon Apk that is trying to build its brand.

The fact that gaming platforms have introduced a play-to-earn function proves to be very useful in this time of unemployment.

Game Binemon Apk shows that it is a completely new NFT platform for games and has a lot of features.

In our research, we think game developers have been working on infrastructure for a year and adding 3D graphics. In the game, players are introduced to the vast world to change the game.

The main element of this style is luck. The result is a combination of transparency and charm. Users must read the full description carefully to know more about it.

Binemon Apk Story

  • Shortly afterward, a group of merchants traveling in the desert saw something unusual in the form of an artifact.
  • When the tower exploded over the desert, it had a pulse with a strong energy field that connected all the people.
  • Through their combined efforts, Mons became benign. After rumors about the tower spread around the world, Binemon Apk continued to travel across several continents.
  • Along with the mysterious tower, Binman Tower was verbally referred to as BT.
  • As the continents struggled for the privilege of exploiting BT, they began to gain Binman’s extraordinary powers. In no time, the tension rose to unexpected levels.

Ultimately, a war broke out.

  • For centuries the greatest slaves have gathered in the glorious masters.
  • Countless conflicts took place during the war between the Taurus and Ursa armies.
  • It has the blue symbol and the bull connection (Latin “bull”) is the blue battle flag.
  • The red war flag and the bear symbol adorn the Ursa connection (Latin for “bear”).
  • The winner should be facilitated to conquer BT for a long time, which is enough to make a more powerful Binemon Apk before the next battle.

Binemon APK Gameplay

  1. In this game world, Earth was at one time a distant galaxy. The species “Mons” wanted to dominate the earth.
  2. There were five continents on earth according to the five basic elements.
  3. Mons inhabits four continents at a time. One day a mysterious tower full of garbage was filled.
  4. Mons gained magical abilities by breaking from this tower. Then a higher species of Soma named “Binemon Apk” developed.
  5. There are so many exciting adventures to explore Binemon Apk while embarking on this journey.

Until one day…

  1. The main character (player) has arrived.
  2. The main character accidentally gets lost in the BT ruins and discovers his hidden secret.
  3. Earth was the realm of ancient creatures that BT used as a weapon of war to invade other worlds of giant galaxies.
  4. These ancient creatures were overthrown by Prometheus, who then created monsters on Earth.
  5. By accidentally activating the tower, the location of the Earth was also moved at that time.
  6. Because he is the only one who knows the revelation, our main character sets out to persuade people and recruit heroes from the dangers posed by the destruction of the Binemon Apk Tower. He was also preparing for a terrible foreign invasion

Binemon Apk Features

  • Free to download and use
  • Interesting collection of effects
  • The interface is easy to use
  • There is no need to register.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • No third-party ads are available.
  • Fast services

App Details

Android Version- Android 5.1+

File Size- 131.4 MB

Latest Version- v0.0.17

Package Name- 

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

Written by Andaman Nicobar

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