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BBB 24 Horas news, videos, polls, boardwalks, photos, and more Participants are locked in a haunted house, watched 24 hours a day by cameras, unable to talk to their family and friends, read newspapers, or use any means to receive information from the outside.

BBB 24 Horas promises and here you will find news, participants, walls and popularity polls, the creation of walls and results, tests, battles, battles, and much more.

Well, this is where we want to play. Do you think the controversies, hottest moments, and everything we want to see happen in just those 15 minutes? Definitely not. So, we decided to take advantage of the launch of the 2022 edition and bring BBB 24 Horas Apk.

Not familiar with the App? Oh, you’re going to love it. And, if you’re a foreigner and you’ve never heard of this TV show, get ready to enjoy the news and learn all about the truth.

First, you need to understand what Big Brother Brazil is. It is a program that brings together people from different parts of Brazil to live together in a house, with a series of tests mixing rewards and punishments, strangers, and famous characters.

Each week, the public votes to evict one nominee, a process called The Wall, in which the last person in the house remains after about three months of receiving the award and presenting it to another. Half a million rice. What will you do with this money?

About BBB 24 Horas Apk

First, you need to understand what BBB 24 Horas App is. In the show, unknown and famous Brazilians are paired in a series of trials that reward and punish living together in the same house. In a process called “voting”, the public votes for one of the nominees each week, with the last person standing at the end of three months receiving half a million prizes. The prize is worth $1.05 million. Are you wondering what you will do with this money?

As we said, Globo only shows a few minutes each night, so depending on the time, which isn’t the earliest, you might not even see it. If you are a fan and addicted, you will spend all day browsing content about what is happening. GloboPlay is Globo’s App, and customers can subscribe to get access to cameras inside the home and watch as much as they want during the day.

Today, we recommend you watch BBB 24 Horas live on Globo Play. In addition to complete freedom, the experience is the same as a customer, without putting your hand in your pocket.

It is true that many people say that it is also possible to watch BBB 24 live on YouTube for free. However, we found that the platform offers a lot of information about the show including analytics, views, and likes, but does not offer live streaming at any time.


  • We broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Because there is no editing, no cutting.
  • Platform stable
  • Every room (including the bathroom) is equipped with dozens of cameras.
  • There is no space
  • Ad free
  • No registration or subscription required
  • Coverage by Big phone, The Angel, The Leader, and more
  • Clear, high-resolution images and sound.

The initiative is not expressly sponsored or endorsed by Globo. In the end, it wastes money like this. However, the BBB 24 Horas Apk is rolling out to some versions of the program and there are no reported issues with this fix.

Also, the fact that it still works and has been improved over time shows that the solution is popular, and safe and should exist for many more versions than before. Participants in the dispute.

BBB 24 Horas Apk

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App Details

Android Version- Android 5.1+

File Size- 4 MB

Latest Version- v3.0

Package Name-  bbb.n24aovivo2

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

What’s New in BBB 24 Horas Apk

  • The defect has been corrected.
  • User-friendly control panel.
  • increased speed.


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