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Bausastra APK is a Javanese dictionary compiled by WJS POERWADARMINTA KBAANTU CS HARDJASOEDARMA, J. CHR. Poezsodira.
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Bausastra APK is a Javanese dictionary compiled by WJS POERWADARMINTA KBAANTU CS HARDJASOEDARMA, J. CHR. Poezsodira. Spoken by JB WOLTERS’ UITGEVERS MAATCHAPPIJ NV Groningen, Batavia, 1939 Scottweg 5.

Bausastra APK

Javanese grammar has been in high demand for a long time, especially by teachers in the same school who are trying hard to assimilate Javanese words and language into their speech.

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What is a Javanese word?

A member of the Indonesian people living on the island of Java. 2: An Austronesian language of the Javanese people.

Where in the world is Javanese spoken?

Javanese is the largest of the Austronesian languages ​​in terms of native speakers.

Bausastra APK

Are Javanese and Indonesian the same?

Indonesian or Javanese? is Indonesian. Indonesian is widely used by everyone in Indonesia, and most people know the Indonesian language. Javanese is the traditional language of the Javanese people, a distinct group of people who are part of Indonesia.

About Bausastra APK

Bausastra App Apk Javanese Grammar has been in high demand for quite some time especially among the same school teachers who are trying to incorporate Javanese words and language into their lessons. In the face of dire need.

Bausastra APK

Unfortunately, I spent time with Javanese furniture and neglected to take care of some neighboring hosts. I want to find a language teacher to learn to write lowercase Javanese. Run-sorry-like, yes.

Some Highlights of Bausastra APK

Students can anonymously rate their teachers on the Bausastra APK website. We want to live in a society where students are more engaged in their learning and have the opportunity to stand up to unqualified teachers. Our goal is to give kids a tool to confront dysfunctional teachers.

The first program that allows you to rate your teachers and your school anonymously is Bausastra App. Better results when using star ratings. Five stars indicate excellent performance. Four stars indicate quality. What is the purpose of three stars? One star is insufficient; Two stars are required.

Bausastra APK

Your problem as a student is undeniably how you rate an instructor. But why is it so difficult? Because most of us don’t know where and how to start.

The process is simple. Just register on the website and then submit a review. This is a great way to provide other students with the information they need to decide for themselves whether to take the course. Also, you can read what others have to say and add your own opinions on various topics.

What Bausastra APK Has to Offer

  • Indonesian – Javanese translation
  • Javanese – Indonesian translation
  • Online Version Available (Full)
  • Small download size
  • Javanese conversation
  • Keep personal notes
  • Dark mode available

Bausastra APK

Some important features of Bausastra APK

  1. No download fee
  2. Usage is free
  3. Modified question
  4. Scanner is working fine.
  5. Data Collector
  6. Authenticated connections only
  7. Provides accurate information
  8. Also supports Hindi
  9. The user interface is friendly.

Can I get Bausastra APK for Android?

  1. When the download is complete, you will find the APK in the “Downloads” section of your browser. You must first allow third-party apps on your device before you can install them.
  2. The process is illustrated below. You must enable Unknown Sources in the Menu> Settings> Security> section of your phone in order for it to install apps other than those from the Google Play Store.
  3. As soon as you have completed the above step, open your browser’s “Downloads” section and tap on the file once it has been downloaded. Upon installing the file, you will be prompted for permission.
  4. The application can be used as usual after the installation is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The APK file downloaded from is completely safe. What are your chances of being right?

A: You can easily download APK files from by viewing the APK files on Google Play. To make sure that clients can download files immediately, we cache the files on our servers. Google Play may not have the APK file, so we will check our cache instead.

Q: Why ask for permission to download Android App APK?

A:  There are several systems that apps can access on your Android device. At the end of the installation, the information confirms that all permissions are required.

Q: What is the cost of the Bausastra APK?

A: You can use this Apk free of cost . We will provide you all apk without investing a single penny.

WHAT’S new in Bausastra APK

  • Bug Resolved.
  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • Speed Boosted.

We believe you have reached your destination to find out about Bausastra APK. We recommend you try out other apps as well which are popular on the web.


It is sure that this review has answered all your questions about the Bausastra APK, now download this amazing app for Android & PC and enjoy it. Please share this app with your friends and family if you enjoy it.

Bausastra APK Users Review

Bausastra Javanese dictionary offline digital app. This application contains Indonesian words that can be translated into Javanese and vice versa.
You can copy the meaning to the system clipboard to allow other applications to paste it. You can also share it to various apps like email (Gmail), Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.
Keywords: Javanese, dictionary

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