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Another Hunt Apk is an online multiplayer horror game. The world is an alternate reality – a realm of nightmares – haunted and cursed by creatures. Nightmare opens the gates to our world and sends his minions to conquer Earth! Fight them and ban these monsters and killers from our world! Welcome to Horror Hunt – your ultimate hunt!

Another Hunt is a cooperative horror game in which 5 players – 4 hunters and a monster – try to kill each other. Hunters must destroy the totems that give strength and power to the monster. When the monster must kill all the hunters to bring Nightmare to Earth in Hell’s Showdown. Each hunter or monster has special abilities and plays styles. Transform your potential by harnessing the talents you love most. Make your own rules! Lead the way or sneak and cheat, bring hell or make everyone mad. In Horror Hunt you will be dead or alive by daylight.

About Another Hunt Apk

Another Hunt Apk is a fantastic third-person action game that challenges teams of two to compete against each other in a closed environment. The funny thing is that one team consists of self-positioning objects whose mission is survival, while the other team consists of hunters armed with machine guns.

The controls in Another Hunt Online are almost the same for both teams: a virtual movement stick is on the left side of the screen, and on the right, you’ll find various action buttons. If you are a hunter you can shoot and throw grenades; But if you can adapt, you can become something else.

The gameplay is similar to the popular Mod Garry’s Mod game. Basically, it is a fun version of another classic hunting game for kids. Interestingly, it’s like playing a game with The Thing.

Features of Another Hunt Apk

  • Facilitation of sports
  • Easy to play with just one finger: find, hide and seek your loot!
  • Two ways to play: hide and seek.
  • Endless levels with lots of fun.
  • An exciting time-limited game.
  • There are chests full of skins to unlock.
  • It’s time to play hide and seek with mechanical animals and a team of celebrity impersonators. Join the game
  • now and experience a complete package of fun!

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